Bamboo Ceiling

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This document shows how our Fence Panels can be used to give any room in your home a Bamboo Ceiling! First thing you would need would be some accurate measurements. We carry a variety of fence panels that come in different sizes and are very easy to customize to your particular project. In this particular example, we have a ceiling that measures out 30ft x 20ft. These measurements are for the total area that we want to cover. WAIT!!! THIS CEILING IS NOT FLAT!!! There is a pitch in the ceiling that starts at 10 foot tall and the center measures an additional 6 foot tall bringing our center measurement to 16 feet. Now that we know that each section will require specific dimensions, let's break the ceiling down one side at a time.

Ceiling decorated with bamboo fence

Because our fence panels come in 8 foot wide sections, you know that you will need about 4 (32 linear feet) to cover the linear distance for the two longest sides of your ceiling (B). The bamboo panels can be cut with a finishing blade to fit into the sections that your ceiling will require. To attach the bamboo to the ceiling, it is best to find the studs or supports beams that frame out the ceiling. You can use furring strips secured to the studs if you need extra support to minimize drooping. To attach the bamboo to the studs or furring strips, use some deck screws after drilling a simple pilot hole first. A counter-sink drill bit will work well to keep the head of the screw flush with the bamboo.

Tools Needed
  • Add Custom Stain to match existing room tones!!
  • Add some larger canes of bamboo for molding accents!!
Bamboo Fencing Accessories

Cali Bamboo recommends sealing your rolled bamboo fence panels with WeatherGuard™ or TWP® 300 grade Bamboo Sealer & Protectant.

Natural WeatherGuard™Calibamboo® Natural Weatherguard™
Calibamboo® Mahogany Weatherguard™
Bamboo Color Screws
Bamboo Color Screws
Bamboo Zip Ties
Bamboo Zip Ties
Light Cedar TWP®
Light Cedar TWP Bamboo Sealer
Dark Oak TWP®
Dark Oak TWP Bamboo Sealer
METHOD OF APPLICATION:MIX TWP® 300 THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING! Apply with brush, roll, spray, and wiping cloth or applicator pad. Do not apply below 50° F, if rain is anticipated with 48 hours or heavy dew is present.
DRY TIME: 48-96 hours depending on drying conditions. Drying conditions will vary greatly depending on applied film thickness and weather conditions. Multi coat applications may be "tacky" for up to 30 days. Full cure will begin when surface is tack free.
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