Build a Tiki Bar

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Tiki bar built with bamboo fencing

This page shows how our Bamboo Fence can be used to give any tiki bar a tropical look! Each one of these single fence panels are 8 foot wide and come in various heights. Standard heights are 3 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot and 8 foot tall. Our thatch products are sold in 4x4 lengths as well as a 57 foot roll that is about 3 foot tall.

You can order the pre-made fence panels at the size you want to cover all sides of the tiki bar. If your measurement is shorter than the standard sizes we offer (i.e. 5 foot instead of 6), you can shorten the panel by using a blade that has 120 teeth or greater (plywood blade). You can also manage the width of the panel by removing a few canes from the standard 8 foot wide panel and bending the wires back to your measurement.

It is recommended to use furring strip on the wall in two places giving you some "substance" to attach the bamboo panels. Now secure the panel with deck screws (predrill). Use a counter sink drill bit to give you a pilot hole to drive this screw into. The counter sink bit will leave a divot for the head of the screw to lay flush against the bamboo.

Add some Accent!

  • Use large bamboo poles for structural support!
  • Cover your framed room with Rock Palm Thatch!!!
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