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This document shows how our Bamboo slats can be used to give any room in your home a tropical look! First thing you would need would be some accurate measurements. Once you have some measurements for this ceiling, you need to do a few calculations to see how many slats you would need to cover this area. We sell the bamboo slats in packs of 50 as well as packs of 25. Each one of these single slats are 6 foot long and ~1.75" wide and ~ .25" thick. Bundles of 50 will cover 43.74 sqft. Bundles of 25 will cover 21.90 sqft.

If we take an with a measurement of 30 x 20, you would need to decide what way you want to lay the slats to give you the look you are going for. You can run these parallel with some of the lines in the room you are working on...

Ceiling decorated with bamboo slats

As you can see, depending on how you plan to arrange your slats will determine how many custom cuts you will need to make. Options #1 and #2 are fairly straight forward. When you lay one of the single slats, the next one will start when the last one finished. Where this connection comes together will give the appearance of one single slat. From a distance, the small space where the two slats join will look like a node (natural separation as bamboo grows).

The 3rd option of laying the bamboo perpendicular to the lines of the ceiling will give you the same look but as you continue to the corners of the ceiling, you will have more and more custom cuts to fill this space.

We now know how many slats you will need and the orientation that you plan to lay them in, its time to talk about how to adhere them to the ceiling. In past projects, we have found that a combination of epoxy and finishing nails would be the best method of applying the slats. You can run a small bead of epoxy (Liquid Nails dries the same color as the bamboo) on the backside of the slat and place it against your ceiling. Once in place, drive a finishing nail in the center of the slat and one on each of the trailing ends of the slat (generally one every 2 feet should be sufficient). Continue this process for each slat. It will be like piecing together a puzzle if you have pre-cut your slats to fit in the ceiling space.

  • Add Custom Stain to match existing room tones!!
  • Add some larger canes of bamboo for molding accents!!

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