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A Wall Decorated Using Bamboo Slats

This document shows how our Bamboo slats can be used to give any room in your home a tropical look! Each one of these single slats are 6 foot long and ~1.75" wide and ~ .25" thick. Bundles of 50 will cover about 7 feet at the 6 foot height, and about 14.5 ft if the slats are cut down to 3 foot.

To work with slats at the 3 foot height, you can use a table saw or a skill saw to cut the 6 foot slats in half to 3 foot (36"). To make a clean cut when working with the bamboo slats, be sure to use a blade that has 120 teeth or greater (plywood blade).

It is recommended to use furring strip on the wall in two places giving you some "substance" to attach the slats. Now secure the slats with a nails (gun) or screws (predrill). If you are working with a surface that you know an adhesive will adhere to, you can use Liquid Nails.

Add Some Accent!

  • Add a 4" diameter "half Round" handrail over the slats.
  • Add a 2" "half-round" mid-rail over the slats.

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