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Bamboo Fencing

Form and function have finally come together in the fence world. Aesthetically pleasing, durable, easy to install, and made from the strongest, most environmentally sustainable wood on Earth, Cali Bamboo® Fencing transforms yards, enhances landscapes, and adds a new dimension to the concept of what a fence can be.

Privacy Fence

Cali Bamboo® Fence Panels are constructed from select bamboo poles that come from sustainably managed organic bamboo groves. As the world leader in bamboo fencing, Cali Bamboo® Fence Panels must first undergo an extensive selection process to ensure that each cane is optimally placed to ensure optimal privacy, uniformity and consistency which can only be found in a Cali Bamboo® fence.
The Cali Bamboo Difference
  • Cali Bamboo® canes are harvested only between the 3-4 year range, ideal for fencing products.
  • Further selection criteria must be met to ensure uniformity, straightness, and minimal taper.
  • Sigma7™ Processing: proprietary preservation, straightening, and manufacturing techniques.
  • Quickly and easily cover up existing block walls, wood and chain link fences. Watch the video here. Watch the Block Wall Blues Video
Natural 3/4 Inch Bamboo Fence Panel Roll
Natural 1 Inch Bamboo Fence Panel Roll
Natural 2 Inch Bamboo Fence Panel Roll
Carbonized Bamboo Fence Panel Roll
Black Bamboo Fence Panel Roll
*Please call or email for exact quote and quantity discount.
Bamboo fencing is shipped in 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable packaging

Bamboo Fencing Videos

Fence Repair:
Cover up block, wood and chain link.
Fence Repair

Easy Fencing:
How To Build a Simple Bamboo Fence
Easy Fencing

Bamboo Fencing Strenght Test:
Bamboo fence vs. baseball bat.
Bamboo Fencing Strenght Test Video
Rolled Bamboo Fence Panel Features
  • Fire straightened
  • Termite Resistant
  • Internally threaded galvanized steel
  • Flexible durable panels
  • Natural Top Cap System
  • 6 product lines in various heights and colors
  • Tested and proven in all environments, Cali Bamboo® Fences have successfully endured Category 3 hurricanes, blizzards, heat waves, floods, baseball bat beatings, and even car collisions!
Rolled Bamboo Fence Panel Features


  • Build a new fence

  • Cover an existing fence

  • Cover up an ugly chainlink fence

  • Cover up and add height to a block wall


  • Use on ceilings to create a unique beautiful look

  • Use on walls as wainscoting

  • Build a tiki bar

Bamboo Sealer

Cali Bamboo recommends sealing your privacy fence panels with WeatherGuard™ or TWP® 300 grade products. Additional colors available upon request.

Calibamboo® Mahogany Weatherguard™
Bamboo Zip Ties
Bamboo Zip Ties
Light Cedar TWP®
Light Cedar TWP Bamboo Sealer
Dark Oak TWP®
Dark Oak TWP Bamboo Sealer
METHOD OF APPLICATION:MIX TWPß® 300 THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING! Apply with brush, roll, spray, and wiping cloth or applicator pad. Do not apply below 50° F, if rain is anticipated with 48 hours or heavy dew is present.
DRY TIME: 48-96 hours depending on drying conditions. Drying conditions will vary greatly depending on applied film thickness and weather conditions. Multi coat applications may be "tacky" for up to 30 days. Full cure will begin when surface is tack free.


Cali Bamboo Customer Testimonials