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Bamboo Slats & Wainscoting

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Cali Bamboo® slats are manufactured by milling 3-5 year old 5 inch diameter moso bamboo into rectangular slats. Three sides of the bamboo are machine milled while the face side is left natural. This milling process makes installation simple while achieving the desired organic raw look of bamboo. Slats can be nailed, screwed, or glued to surfaces and are designed to sit flush with one another for complete surface coverage.

Cali Bamboo® slats can be customized with wood stain products or left in their natural state.


Cali Bamboo® slats are used for ceilings, wainscoting, counters, bars, and any other application where a unique, durable, and organic surface design is desired.

Natural bamboo slats in ceiling design

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Natural bamboo slats

20 Natural Slats
2 in x 8ft x 1/4 in



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Natural bamboo slats in ceiling design
Carbonized bamboo slats

50 Carbonized Slats
1-3/4 in x 6ft x 1/4 in

$239.95 $179.96

free shipping Carbonized bamboo slats used as wainscoting in home
*Thickness measurement is approximate
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Bamboo Sealer

Cali Bamboo® Slats can be customized with wood stain products or left in their natural state.

Calibamboo® Mahogany Weatherguard™
Light Cedar TWP®
Light Cedar TWP Bamboo Sealer
Dark Oak TWP®
Dark Oak TWP Bamboo Sealer
METHOD OF APPLICATION:MIX TWP® 300 THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING! Apply with brush, roll, spray, and wiping cloth or applicator pad. Do not apply below 50° F, if rain is anticipated with 48 hours or heavy dew is present.
DRY TIME: 48-96 hours depending on drying conditions. Drying conditions will vary greatly depending on applied film thickness and weather conditions. Multi coat applications may be "tacky" for up to 30 days. Full cure will begin when surface is tack free.


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