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Chrissy’s 2 dogs Alex and Blue are no match for Fossilized® Vintage Java Flooring by Cali Bamboo.

Hi my name’s Chrissy, welcome to my home here in Reno Nevada. About a year and a half ago we wanted to redo our floors, and we decided to go with bamboo. We have two large dogs, Blue and Alex. Our largest dog is about 100 pounds, they can be very aggressive when someone knocks on the door so it’s been kinda crazy because they can’t get their traction very well so they skid across it with their nails. We were very concerned at the beginning thinking that they would scratch the floors, but these floors are super strong. They hold up well. I want to give props to Nate at Renew Bamboo who did our floors, he did a great job. It was great to work with him, he’s our friend. He does awesome work. He did anything we asked him to do. He did our stairs for us, and uh he does a great job. We love it. We love our bamboo floors, they’re very strong. They’re beautiful, and we’ve had no problems with them. We absolutely love them.

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