Dawn GreenClaimed® Plank Cork Flooring

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Dawn Cork Flooring
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GreenClaimed CARB Phase 2
Going Where Hardwoods Can't
GreenClaimed® cork floors are naturally hygienic, mold and water resistant making them perfect for kitchens and baths. Dawn cork flooring has a warm sandstone look.
  • Elastic properties make a softer more comfortable floor
  • Great sound and temperature insulator
  • Easy maintenance: simply vacuum and mop
  • Easy installation – Click-Lock glueless system
  • Contains 42.8% Pre-consumer recycled content

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Dawn GreenClaimed® Glueless Click-Lock Cork Flooring with stool Dawn GreenClaimed®™ Glueless Click-Lock Cork Flooring in classroom Dawn GreenClaimed®™ Glueless Click-Lock Cork Flooring in yoga studio
Dawn Cork Flooring in the Workplace Dawn Cork Flooring Against Java Bamboo Flooring Cork Flooring in the Work Place
Dawn Cork Flooring with Furniture Beasley Dog on Dawn Cork Flooring  
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Floor Type:


Color: Dawn
Plank Length: 48 inches
Plank Width: 5-1/2 inches
Plank Thickness: 7/16 inch
Sqft./Box: 14.7 sqft
Installation: Gluless Click-Lock System
Finish: Ceramic Shield Technology
Resin: Water resistant E1-Level Ultra-low VOC
CARB Phase 2
Application: Residential, Commercial

15 yrs Residential

5 yrs Commercial

Fire Rating

Cfl s1

LEED Points:
EQc4.4 | MRc4 | MRc6
Sound Rating:

STC sound transmission class ASTM E413-87 dB 54

IIC Impact insulation class ASTM E989-89 dB 58

GreenClaimed® Ceramic Shield Technology
Cork Durability Ceramic Shield TechnologyCork durability
is made possible by a proprietary impregnation process whereby ceramic micro beads are bonded to the natural cork material creating an incredibly durable cork floor.  This wear resistant cork nearly eliminates the appearance of scratches, scuff marks, scoring and rough spots.

What Makes Cork Flooring GreenClaimed®?
Cork is harvested from the renewable bark of the cork oak tree and is one of the most sustainable materials available. The outer bark is merely “trimmed” and allowed to grow back, leaving the tree undamaged. A cork oak can live up to 200 years with harvesting occurring once every nine years, yielding about 20 harvests during a tree’s life. The soft, spongy inner bark is most often used for wine corks; the leftovers are often recycled into flooring or other cork products.

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gREenClaimed™ by Cali Bamboo®
Introducing GreenClaimed®, a new brand by Cali Bamboo®. The GreenClaimed® product line features sustainably harvested natural materials -- rethought, repurposed and reclaimed into one-of-a-kind building and décor elements. GreenClaimed® products bring a touch of the natural world to your design and are created to be multifunctional and easy to work with -- allowing endless application possibilities for professional designers and DIY homeowners alike.



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