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Designer Cork Tiles by GreenClaimed®

The first product line of the debut GreenClaimed® brand, Designer Cork Tiles are easy-to-apply wall panels layered with the bark of the cork oak tree. With three eye-catching styles ranging from rustic tree bark textures to polished geometric lines, Designer Cork Tiles are reminiscent of stacked stone installations. Bring the raw beauty of the forest into homes, studios, lobbies, restaurants, salons or commercial spaces by transforming walls into natural art pieces.

Designer Cork Tiles are durable, sound-dampening and temperature-insulating making rooms more energy-efficient. Easy installation allows interior decorators creative freedom to incorporate tiles in a variety of applications. Make a statement with full walls or ceilings of stunning raw cork bark. Create an artistic focal point above a mantelpiece, table or bed. Apply in home theatres and recording studios for distinctive acoustic insulation.

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  • A First in Eco Decor
  • 100% Sustainable Material
  • Superb Acoustic Dampening
  • Residential & Commercial Ready
  • 3 Unique Organic Decor Styles
  • Easy to install, DIY

Sierra Designer
Cork Wall Tiles

Tundra Designer
Cork Wall Tiles

Meadow Designer
Cork Wall Tiles

gREenClaimed™ by Cali Bamboo®
Introducing GreenClaimed®, a new brand by Cali Bamboo®. The GreenClaimed® product line features sustainably harvested natural materials -- rethought, repurposed and reclaimed into one-of-a-kind building and décor elements. GreenClaimed® products bring a touch of the natural world to your design and are created to be multifunctional and easy to work with -- allowing endless application possibilities for professional designers and DIY homeowners alike.