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July 2014 Project of the Month Winners



1st Place Winner – Robert’s fun fence installation using Cali Bamboo bamboo slats

- Won with 216 ‘Likes’ and Comments

The perfect match for their ‘art meets beach’ neighborhood.



2nd Place Winner – Tom’s awesome tiki hut using bamboo poles, fencing and thatch

- Won with 97 ‘Likes’ and Comments

Make a tiki paradise even Jimmy Buffet would covet… and save 10% during the Cali Bamboo Anniversary Sale!



3rd Place Winner – Mark & Sheri’s modern island lounge with mahogany fencing & bamboo poles

- Won with 80 ‘Likes’ and Comments

Who wouldn’t want to spend the day lounging under this gorgeous island-inspired patio? Sign us up!


June 2014 Project of the Month Winners


1st Place Winner – Lance’s 148 Chevy with a bed lined with Slate Composite Decking

- Won with 158 Likes

Looking clean and rollin’ low with Composite Decking.



2nd Place Winner – Frank’s Zen Inspired Bamboo Fence using Mahogany Rolled Bamboo

- Won with 21 Likes

A elegant and peaceful bamboo fencing project, which is also on sale right now -



3rd Place Winner – Tiffany’s new Marbled Bamboo Flooring

- Won with 18 Likes

Bold and beautiful, this bamboo flooring accents this home with its eye catching decor and style.

The third picture in this set shows how they correctly acclimated the bamboo flooring to their homes temperature and moisture level. Making this a well done installation and helping this floor keep its wonderful look for a lifetime.


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May 2014 Project of the Month Winners


1st Place Winner – Rose’s Authentic Island Vibe Tiki Bar

- Won with 150 Likes

Rose goes big and brings authentic island vibes to her Indiana home. Complete with a thatch roof and fully stocked bar, all that’s missing from this rockin’ tiki bar is sandy feet!



2nd Place Winner – Nate’s Custom Bamboo Plywood Bed

- Won with 97 Likes

A true work of art and a beautifully designed piece of bamboo furniture that is both practical and eye-catching. This bed is showcased on Cali Bamboo Natural Fossilized Bamboo Flooring and matches the color of the bed.



3rd Place Winner – Mike’s Mordern Bamboo Covered Patio

- Won with 11 Likes

Casting interesting and unique shadows on his modern patio area. Mike has created an elegant touch to his outdoor living space and provides himself and guests with a relaxing area to cool off and still feel the refreshing breeze.


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April 2014 Project of the Month Winners


1st Place Winner - Lucas’s Stylish Green Bamboo Paneling Air Suspension in his Show Car

- Won with 153 Likes

Lucas finished off his 2012 VW GTI air ride suspension system with Burnt Green Bamboo Paneling and natural bamboo poles. We like the creative use of high and low tech, not to mention the green bamboo paneling matches the car’s black and green color scheme perfectly.



2nd Place Winner – Klint and Julie’s Bamboo Composite Decking and Bamboo Fencing in Front Yard

- Won with 63 Likes

Klint & Julie brought the spirit of Aloha to their San Diego front yard with
bamboo fencing and bamboo composite decking. Having spent lots of time living in Hawaii, the two decided to use Coffee BamDeck® Composite for their San Diego lanai.



3rd Place Winner – Hollywood Hills Slate BamDeck® 3G Wide Project, What a View!

- Won with 22 Likes

This stunning slate Grey Wide Plank Composite Deck is a perfect compliment to the bold and modern design and decor of this Hollywood home…and the view is not too bad either.


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March 2014 Project of the Month Winners


1st Place Winner - Cody’s Stylish Bamboo Summer Kitchen, complete with Natural Bamboo Fencing

- Won with 117 Likes

Cody submitted photos of the Bamboo Summer Kitchen his father Dave recently finished. Complete with a big screen tv and LED lighting underneath, the kitchen glows with the spirit of the volcano gods at night. Dave used Natural Bamboo Fencing for the cabinet fronts and finished everything with Natural WeatherGuard to protect it from the occasional margarita spill and rainy weather.



2nd Place Winner – Jared’s Elegant Vintage Moonlight Bamboo Flooring

- Won with 65 Likes

Jared installed Vintage Moonlight Fossilized® Wide Click Bamboo Flooring and his chihuahua seems to enjoy the news floors too. Jared got a clean and modern look with custom stair shapes and pure white flat baseboards.



3rd Place Winner – Gayl’s Breathtaking Java Wide Bamboo Flooring

- Won with 20 Likes

Gayl S recently floored her Utah home with Java Fossilized® Bamboo Flooring. We especially like the wall color choice Gayl it really compliments the bamboo, and your Maltese looks so cute at the top of the stairs!


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