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March 2014 Project of the Month Winners


1st Place Winner - Cody’s Stylish Bamboo Summer Kitchen, complete with Natural Bamboo Fencing

- Won with 117 Likes

Cody submitted photos of the Bamboo Summer Kitchen his father Dave recently finished. Complete with a big screen tv and LED lighting underneath, the kitchen glows with the spirit of the volcano gods at night. Dave used Natural Bamboo Fencing for the cabinet fronts and finished everything with Natural WeatherGuard to protect it from the occasional margarita spill and rainy weather.



2nd Place Winner – Jared’s Elegant Vintage Moonlight Bamboo Flooring

- Won with 65 Likes

Jared installed Vintage Moonlight Fossilized® Wide Click Bamboo Flooring and his chihuahua seems to enjoy the news floors too. Jared got a clean and modern look with custom stair shapes and pure white flat baseboards.



3rd Place Winner – Gayl’s Breathtaking Java Wide Bamboo Flooring

- Won with 20 Likes

Gayl S recently floored her Utah home with Java Fossilized® Bamboo Flooring. We especially like the wall color choice Gayl it really compliments the bamboo, and your Maltese looks so cute at the top of the stairs!


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Cool Fish Tanks

Cool Fish Tanks

Building with Bamboo
Whether you’re after a breezy island vibe or looking for a sleek and modern aquarium design, Cali Bamboo in Mira Mesa offers sustainable building materials all made from bamboo.

With a history as old as building itself, bamboo has some amazing physical properties that make it an ideal fish tank construction material. While bamboo is technically a grass, it can be easily cut into strips and manufactured into all kinds of useful things such as plywood, flooring, paneling, and most recently composite decking.

Easily clocked as the fastest growing plant on earth, some species of bamboo have been measured to grow over 4 feet in 24 hours! All this growth means that instead of cutting down a tree that has taken 30 to 50 years to grow, you can harvest the same amount of material in a fraction of the time. A pole of bamboo can be harvested and regenerate to its full mass in just six months!

Green is great but what about strength? Thanks to its unique composition, bamboo is naturally designed for strength. Unlike wood, bamboo has no rays or knots, allowing it to withstand more stress throughout the length of each stalk. In structural engineering tests, bamboo has been shown to have a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel, a higher compressive strength than many mixtures of concrete, and a higher strength-to-weight ratio than graphite. But what does this mean in the real world? For example, Cali’s Bamboo Flooring has been dubbed the “World’s Hardest Floors” with janka hardness scores coming in at over 5000+ lbs. This makes for one durable floor that holds up great to high traffic, pets of all sizes and the ultimate hardwood killer, stiletto heels.

Ok, it’s eco-friendly and durable as heck, but what about looks? The photos speak for themselves, if you can dream it, you can build it with Cali Bamboo.
Bamboo Fish Tank 01
Bamboo Fish Tank 02
Bamboo Fish Tank 03
Bamboo Fish Tank 04
Bamboo Fish Tank 05

February 2014 Project of the Month Winners


1st Place Winner - Tony’s exquisite working clock made from Natural Vertical Plywood

- Won with 108 Likes

CB: What drew you to bamboo?
Tony: Natural Bamboo is such a beautiful creation of nature & very interesting to build projects with.

CB: What is unique about your project?
Tony: In this digital age of high-tech gadgets, there is something fascinating & appealing to me about mechanical, analog watches & clocks, especially being made of wood. My father was a Carpenter back in Vietnam & built boats, houses, furniture with old fashion tools such as hammer, chisel, hacksaw. This mechanical clock is “old fashion”, but it has a little high-tech behind the designing CAD process & CNC machined parts.

CB: If you win, what will you build with your Cali Bamboo credit?
Tony: If there is a remote possibility of getting the most votes, I would build more clocks.



2nd Place Winner – Dick’s stunning Black Bamboo Fence built for his landscaped yard

- Won with 39 Likes

CB: What drew you to bamboo?
Dick: I have loved Asian landscape and design for decades. Bamboo – both living and as a building material – has always beenan integrial component. As one of the fastest growing grasses, it is used for virtually everything – not unusual to find it being used as building scaffolding in Hong Kong.

CB: What is unique about your project?
Dick: One of my clients was born in Osaka, Japan, so for her it is a reminder of her birthplace.

CB: If you win, what will you build with your Cali Bamboo credit?
Dick: Likely a fence for my own home.



3rd Place Winner – Alice’s awesome Distressed Mocha Flooring project in her home

- Won with 12 Likes

CB: What drew you to bamboo?
Alice: The main thing that drew us to bamboo was its sustainability.

CB: What is unique about your project?
Alice: Our project started out small (originally we were only going to do about 300 square feet in two rooms) and eventually grew to 900 square feet in three rooms plus the hallway.

CB: What other ways do you stay green?
Alice: We recycle, repurpose and own a hybrid car.

CB: If you win, what will you build with your Cali Bamboo credit?
Alice: We’re thinking about the composite decking!


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Sony Style Stores Choose Cali Bamboo

Walker and Laura from Marketing





Who knew that Cali Bamboo’s lucky bamboo sticks would live up to their name? A couple of years ago, Walker and Laura, who oversee our marketing, decided to showcase our bamboo floors at Sony’s Enviro Fair in Rancho Bernardo. By handing out the lucky bamboo sticks, the powers that be from Sony who just happened to be looking at installing new floors to their Sony Style Stores liked what they saw.






Since then, locations in California, Florida and New York have Cali Bamboo’s Natural Fossilized® Wide Plank bamboo floors throughout the stores. And to the amazement of the store managers, the floors are amazing and continue to look great. One manager in Mission Valley said “After 9 months, the floors look great and are holding up very well. There is a noticeable difference in the durability between this bamboo and the other bamboo that was installed previously.” Bamboo, on its accord, is durable and has become the floor of choice for many residential builders and home owners. Our Fossilized® bamboo flooring takes it to a whole new level. It withstands more pressure than any other bamboo flooring more ideal for retailers who see a lot of traffic on a daily basis.


Sony stores now being remodeled using Natural Fossilized® T&G Flooring

According to the Janka Hardwood Test, our Fossilized® bamboo flooring withstands over 5,500 pounds of pressure. That means that the flooring is resistant to high heels, rolling carts, stands and anything else that may scratch dent them. We Guarantee the Durability In the building industry, Cali Bamboo flooring is quickly becoming a top choice because of its durability and sustainability not to mention its longevity with its look and shine. As for our commercial division, we work with contractors, architects, engineers and others involved in a many commercial projects. As a leader with bamboo flooring and green building materials, we have a firm handle on the procurement, manufacturing, and logistical infrastructure needed to meet any plans as well as timelines. Our goals are superior execution and customer service which we give to every job no matter how large or small.




Beautiful contrast of colors inside a Sony Style store


Over 30 more Sony Style Stores across the country are slated for remodel using our Fossilized® bamboo flooring as part of the plan. They see first-hand the difference in our bamboo and that of other bamboo flooring. Available in a wide array of colors, our Fossilized® bamboo floors are the most durable, most sustainable and, most beautiful floors on the market today. There is proof in the pudding when it comes to the strength and durability of our floors when high traffic retailers like Sony Style Stores have them in their locations. Just imagine what they do for homes. With Cali Bamboo Fossilized® bamboo flooring, you are getting the absolute best flooring in the world.




Pick up a sample of our Natural Fossilized® Wide T&G Bamboo Flooring and see for yourself why this floor is holding up so well under such high traffic floors.

January 2014 Project of the Month Winners


1st Place Winner - Sande is excited about her new Mocha Fossilized® Eucalyptus Flooring

- Won with 80 Likes

CB: What drew you to bamboo?
Sande: We wanted a floating floor that was a solid material not just a thin layer of good material or, an image of wood, laminated to particle board. Cali Bamboo had the highest quality bamboo (and eucalyptus) flooring we could find. The mocha stained eucalyptus flooring was also the most beautiful flooring we have seen.

CB: What is unique about your project?
Sande: We installed three rooms of flooring-the foyer, dining and family room-in 4 days. We were tired but the process was straight forward and there was very little waste.

CB: What other ways do you stay green?
Sande: We live by the words, ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. We are re-using the dining room’s old laminate flooring in our closets. When we renovate a room we carefully remove fixtures and donate them to Habitat for Humanity. We compost and recycle so much that people ask if we’re from California. Or Austin. (We consider it a compliment.)

CB: If you win, what will you build with your Cali Bamboo credit?
Sande: If we won, we would definitely buy eucalyptus quarter round to put the finishing touch on our beautiful floors!



2nd Place Winner - Tom’s Cognac Fossilized® Bamboo Flooring in his Reno, NV home

- Won with 27 Likes


3rd Place Winner – Paul’s New Natural Fossilized® Flooring in Washington

- Won with 14 Likes

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