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Cali Bamboo launches GreenClaimed® Cork Flooring Line

Cali Bamboo launches GreenClaimed®  Cork Flooring Line
GreenClaimed Cork Floors…Going Where Hardwoods Can’t

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SAN DIEGO, CA – June 13, 2013

Cali Bamboo, a leading manufacturer in green building materials for residential and commercial projects made primarily from bamboo, today announced its first GreenClaimed flooring line created from cork, another highly renewable and recycled material.

GreenClaimed Cork Flooring is a click-and-lock product manufactured from reclaimed cork used in the wine industry, and is one of the first cork flooring lines available in a 5.5 inch by 48 inch plank format.

“The new plank format gives our new cork floors the look and feel of a hardwood but can be installed where hardwoods shouldn’t such as bathrooms and high moisture prone areas.” said Jeff Goldberg, CEO and founder of Cali Bamboo. “If you are familiar with wine tops, then you know that cork has some elastic properties which make for an amazingly durable and softer floor. This, coupled with the fact that the floor is highly resilient and comes from a sustainable and recycled resource, makes cork a perfect complement to our new GreenClaimed brand.”

GreenClaimed cork flooring has the added benefit of insulating against both temperature and noise. The low-maintenance, visually appealing product line is also naturally mold and water resistant which can damage traditional hardwoods.

“We’re excited to offer our customers a new flooring material option,” says Tanner Haigwood Cali Bamboo’s Vice President of Sales. “They have a travertine natural stone look but in a hardwood format with unique compression and insulation properties that you just can’t get with any other material.”

The new cork plank flooring family ranges in color from a carrara marble shade through a contemporary grey up to a dark charcoal and everything in between. All seven flooring options are manufactured by Cali Bamboo in Portugal under the GreenClaimed brand and are now available nationwide. With ultra-low VOC and no added urea formaldehyde, GreenClaimed cork flooring is also CARB Phase 2 compliant. Staying true to the company mission, this collection is eco-friendly and LEED credit qualified through the U.S. Green Building Council.


About Cali Bamboo and GreenClaimed

Cali Bamboo is one of the fastest growing green building material companies in the United States over the last decade and have, until now, focused primarily on bamboo based products. Their new GreenClaimed brand is a continuation of their vision to create innovative sustainable building products for both residential and commercial projects in order to help make a positive difference in the future of the planet.

More information on this product is available at:

Dusk GreenClaimed®
Plank Cork Flooring

Dusk Glueless Cork Flooring
View Dusk Glueless Cork Flooring


Dawn GreenClaimed®
Plank Cork Flooring

Dawn Glueless Cork Flooring
View Dawn Glueless Cork Flooring


Shoreline GreenClaimed® Plank Cork Flooring

Shoreline Glueless Cork Flooring
View Shoreline Glueless Cork Flooring


Autumn GreenClaimed®
Plank Cork Flooring

Terrain Glueless Cork Flooring
View Terrain Glueless Cork Flooring


Winter Mist GreenClaimed®
Plank Cork Flooring

White Cork Flooring
View Ridgeline Glueless Cork Flooring


Twilight GreenClaimed®
Plank Cork Flooring

Grey Cork Flooring
View Sedona Glueless Cork Flooring


Midnight GreenClaimed®
Plank Cork Flooring

Black Cork Flooring
View Sedona Glueless Cork Flooring