Natural Fence Design With Bamboo Poles

Use bamboo poles to build a strong and beautiful natural fence. Step by step bamboo post fence installation.


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Tools Needed to Build a Natural Fence

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How To Build a Simple Bamboo Fence
Easy Fencing


1) First you will take out the fence that is there and prep for the install of the all bamboo fence.

2) Next, measure out 8 foot sections to set the posts into concrete to ensure that the bamboo stays protected and stands upright. We recommend placing the poles at least 18" into the ground. This means you would want to dig a hole that is about twice the diameter of your pole and dig down about 1.5 feet.

3) The pink line is used to ensure that the poles are standing perfectly vertical and in line with the others that will be the framework for the rolled fence panels.

4) Next you will place the 2" diameter rolls up as your horizontal framework. These are placed near the top and bottom of the horizontal poles to support some of the load from the rolled panels. As you can see in the photos, you need to drill some holes in the vertical 4" posts that will hold the 2" poles. To do this you can use a power drill with a "Hole Saw".

5) Place this drill bit on the power saw (specific to the size of pole you select, for this job we used a 2ľ") and this will allow space to slip in the 2" poles. Any gaps can be filled with epoxy such as liquid nails.

6) The last photo above is a view of the fence from the inside showing the skeleton of the frame with the rolled panels attached to it. The last step is to remove the excess from the vertical poles extending higher than the fence itself...and you are done!


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