Install A Privacy Fence

Install a privacy fence quickly with beautiful bamboo fence rolls or watch our Fence Repair or Easy Fencing videos.


Adobe PDF Download Bamboo Picture Frame Fence Installation Instructions (PDF)


Installation Tools for Picture Frame Bamboo Fence

  • Drill
  • 2x4, 4x4, 2x6 and 1x4 Lumber
  • 2 in. Deck Screws
  • Bamboo Fencing
  • Bamboo Sealer

For the posts and rails, you may use any traditional lumber. Bamboo panels are placed on the inside of each of the fence segments.


1) Protect all panels and lumber with several coats of Cali Bamboo® WeatherGuard™ or TWP® 300 before installation to maximize fence life.

2) Once you have your 4x4 post set in the ground attach your 2x4 cross rails at the top and bottom flush with the back of the 4x4. Space your 2x4s 6'1" apart (top and bottom).

3) Unroll your bamboo panel and flatten against your 2x4s. Have one person hold the panel in place while the other fastens it to the 2x4 railing. Place a 2 inch screw through canes and into the 2x4. Repeat this step and space 12" staggering top and bottom until the bamboo panel is secure to the frame.

4) After the bamboo is in place, attach a 5/4 board (also known as 1x4) to the bamboo at the top and bottom on the opposite side of 2x4. (Sandwich the bamboo panel between the 1x4 and 2x4.). The fence will look the same from both sides. Use 3" screws to fasten the 1x4 to the 2x4.

5) The last step is to attach the 2x6 top cap. This is placed over the top of the fence, splitting the difference in overhang on each side of the 4x4's. Enjoy your new picture frame bamboo fence!

6) Enjoy your new picture frame bamboo fence. Here are some photos of the final product!

Finished Picture Frame Bamboo Fence
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