Repair Block Wall With Bamboo

Learn how to quickly and beautifully repair a block wall with bamboo fencing rolls.


Adobe PDF Download Refurbish Walls With Bamboo Installation Instructions (PDF)

Installation Tools for Repairing a Block Wall

Fence Repair: 
Cover up block, wood and chain link.
Fence Repair


1) First you will be anchoring your 2x4s to the wall running horizontally. One will be attached near the top and one near the bottom. It is important to make sure your 2x4s are running level along the wall. You can use an existing mortar line or just use a level and make marks on the wall where you are going to attach your 2x4s.

2) Drill a hole through your 2x4 into base material using the drill bit provided with the 2¾ in. concrete screws. The depth of the hole must be at least 1/4" deeper than the concrete screw embedment.

3) Insert the point of a concrete screw into the hole and drive the screw in using a nut drive or #3 bit tip. Do not over torque the screw.

4) Fasten three or four screws in each 8' 2x4. This will be plenty.

5) Once you have fastened your 2x4s along the length of the wall you can refer back to step one of the wooden fence installations to attach the bamboo. Done!!

6) Enjoy your new bamboo fence. Here are some before and after photos of the final product!

Finished Picture of Bamboo Fence
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