Repair Wood Fence with Bamboo

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Tools Needed to Reburbish a Wooden Fence

Fence Repair: 
Cover up block, wood and chain link.
Fence Repair


Tools needed to repair any wooden fence:

First, make sure your existing wooden frame is structurally sound. If the 4x4 posts do not wiggle around too much and your fence does not sway back and forth badly, you should be fine.

Refurbishing a wooden fence with bamboo

The bamboo will attach to either side of the fence. You can attach the bamboo directly to the wooden slots or the framework supporting the fence.

Unroll the bamboo panel and put it flush against the fence. If your yard holds a lot of moisture you may want to raise the bamboo an inch off of the ground.

1) While your friend holds the bamboo panel in place, pre-drill in the center of one of the bamboo canes with a countersink drill bit starting at a top corner.

2) Use a 2 1/2inch exterior screw to fasten the bamboo to the 2x4 or wood panel behind it. (Do not over-tighten the screw too much, as this may excessively crack the cane.)

3) Continue to fasten the bamboo near the top and bottom while keeping the bamboo panel level. Alternating the screws near the top and bottom every foot will be more than enough. That's it!!

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