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Our Green Business Practices

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The Cali Bamboo Green Philosophy goes far beyond the bamboo products we provide. In order to have an environmentally-friendly business, we work hard to run our company according to the standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council and local organizations such as San Diego Green Bussiness.
Our office buildings, warehouse facilities and processing plants are as sustainable and low-impact as possible. Extremely proactive Cali Bamboo employees share our commitment to environmental protection and help us maintain a green office through a variety of eco-friendly practices.


In addition to standard office green practices such as recycling, waste reduction and office-wide energy efficient lighting, Cali Bamboo uses events such as staff meetings, company functions and meetings to train and encourage employees to follow our Green Business Checklist:

  • Using the hand dryers instead of paper towels in the bathrooms
  • Providing washable glasses, plates and silverware instead of disposable ones in the break room.
  • Providing a filtered drinking water system for employees to use with reusable water bottles.
  • Providing rechargeable batteries with communal charging station.
  • Providing and maintaining outside ashtrays for cigarette disposal.
  • Offering lockers and a shower to employees who bike, walk or jog to work.
  • Using re-charged toner cartridges and set all printers to double sided by default.
  • Utilizing occupancy sensors with lighting fixtures in low occupancy areas.
  • Sharing our green practices with other businesses we interact with and encouraging them to choose greener operational practices.

We’re excited about these and a few new additions to our Green Business Checklist including our new compost and employee organic garden, “CaliOrganics”.


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