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Whether you're an experienced builder or home DIYer, building floors, decks and fences with bamboo is fun and easy. Our How To videos walk you through the process and guide projects from concept to completion.


Cali Bamboo's Testimonial Videos are stories straight from our customers. Get bamboo building ideas, see the finished results and find out what it's like working with Cali Bamboo.


Cali Bamboo's Product Videos get you up close and personal with some of Cali's most popular products. See the Cali Bamboo difference in beautiful HD quality videos.

How To Videos


Quick Links

Easy Fencing:
How To Build a Simple Bamboo Fence
Easy Fencing

Cork Flooring DIY Installation:
Learn how to install glueless cork flooring.
Install Cork Flooring
BamDeck® Composite DIY Installation:
Learn how to install our bamboo decking.
BamDeck® Composite Bamboo Decking Installation Video

Fence Repair:
Cover up block, wood and chain link.
Fence Repair

Bamboo Flooring Animation:
Watch this floor install itself.
Bamboo Flooring Animation
Bamboo Fencing Animation:
Watch this fence install itself.
Bamboo Fencing Animation

Bamboo Flooring Installation Part 1:
How to acclimate hardwood flooring.
Flooring Preparation

Titebond® Flooring Tape:
Simplify any flooring installation project
Customer Review
Cali Bamboo In The Media

DIY Network I Want That Episode 302:
Click Lock DIY Flooring
DIY Flooring

San Diego 6 Flooring Hardness Test:
Laura brings the dog and pony show.
Bamboo Flooring Hardness Test

Treehouse Masters Season Finale:
CeeLo Green & Bear Creek Studios
Treehouse Masters

DIY Network Yard Crashers Episode:
Install bamboo matting.
DIY Network Yard Crashers Episode

Garden Police Fencing Strength Test:
Bamboo vs. traditional cedar fencing.
Bamboo Fencing Strength Test
DIY Network Indoors Out Episode:
Bamboo outdoor shower.
DIY Network Indoors Out Episode
NBC San Diego's Consumer Bob:
Learn how to install glueless cork flooring.
NBC San Diego's Consumer Bob visits Cali Bamboo

DIY Network House Crashers Episode:
A Rockin Moroccan Cabana.
Bamboo Outdoor Shade

DIY Network I Want That Episode 301:
Decorative Cork Wall Tiles.
Decorative Cork

Composite Decking at Solar Decathlon:
BamDeck competes at global competition.
DIY Flooring

2011 San Diego 6 Green Week:
Cali Bamboo owners demonstrate fencing.
2011 San Diego 6 Green Week Company: Cali Bamboo

CBS West Palm Beach Segment:
Project of the Month contestant in news.
CBS West Palm Beach Segment

Testimonial Videos

Rockstar Fencing:
Martyn Lenoble Rocks Decking & Fencing
Watch Rocker Martyn Lenoble's Testimonial Video

Bamboo Gives A Zen Feel:
Gabe Wheeler's Naked Cafe
Cali Bamboo Customer Story:  Gabe Wheeler's Naked Cafe
Island Style Eats:
Oceanside's Beach Break Cafe
Oceanside's Beach Break Cafe Video

It's A Beautiful Wood:
San Diego's John C. BamDeck® Composite
San Diego's John C. BamDeck® Composite Video

Bamboo Flooring Climbs Higher:
Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness Center
Cali Bamboo Customer Story:  Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness Center
Cali Bamboo Triple Crown:
Bill installed flooring, fencing and decking.
Cali Bamboo Customer Story:  Bill P. of Leucadia

The Java Loft:
Tom M. in Encinitas Java Bamboo Flooring
Encinitas resident Tom M. shows off his loft's new Java Bamboo Flooring

Cali Bamboo Goes High End:
AmeriSleep's Vintage Java Bamboo Flooring
AmeriSleep Diagnostics chooses Vintage Java Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring In El Dorado Casino:
After 2 years, the floors still look great.
Bamboo Flooring in Restarant Casino Bar

Crissy's Big Dogs vs. Bamboo Floors:
100 Pound Dogs and not a scratch.
Hardwood Flooring and Dogs

Brad's Tahoe Cabin Gets Java Flooring:
Extreme temperatures, no problem.
Hardwood Flooring and Extreme Weather

Flooring for Dog Owners:
John's floor is beautiful and durable.
Hardwood Flooring and Extreme Weather

Pet Friendly Flooring:
Three dogs and three cats, no problem.
Pet Friendly Flooring

DIY Plywood:
Woodworkers at MakerPlace innovate.
DIY Plywood

Ariane's Creative Decking Ideas:
Mixing it up with BamDeck®
Decking Ideas

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Look:
Vincent Builders Inc. gets a high-end look.
Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Look

Soundproofing Material & Wall Decor:
Fitwall talks about their unique wall decor.
Soundproofing Material & Wall Decor

Bathroom Flooring Ideas:
Marcie H. transformed her bathrooms.
Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Oak Flooring Look with Eucalyptus:
John installed his flooring diagonally. 
Oak Flooring Look

Bamboo Flooring in Extreme Climates:
Nate of Renew Bamboo stresses acclimation. 
Bamboo Flooring in Extreme Climates


Maintenance Videos

General Composite Deck Upkeep:
Laura demonstrates using deck brightener.
Composite Cleaner Maintenance Video

Composite Deck Simple Cleaning:
Clearing leaves and dirt off your deck.
Composite Deck Cleaning Maintenance Video

BBQ and Grease Stains:
How to clean stubborn stains off your deck.
Composite Deck Stains Maintenance Video
Sanding and Power Washing BamDeck:
Last resort options for difficult stains.
How To Clean Composite Decks Maintenance Video

Bamboo Product Videos

Cali Bamboo Flooring Styles:
A Video Collage of Our Bamboo Flooring
Cali Bamboo Flooring Collage:  A Video Collage of Our Bamboo Flooring

BamDeck® Composite Styles:
All of our BamDeck® styles in one video.
BamDeck® Composite Bamboo Decking Collage Video
Cork Flooring Styles:
All of our cork flooring styles in one video.
Cork Flooring Collage Video

Designer Cork Tile:
Bring the raw beauty of the forest to decor.
Wall Decor Ideas

Titebond® 771-Step Demo:
Flooring Glue & Moisture Control System
Floor Glue
Cali Bamboo Vignette:
Cali Bamboo vision and mission.
Cali Bamboo Vignette
Bamboo Flooring Air Registers:
These stylish vents bring the heat!
Air Register

Featured Customer Creation:
Reef Rayle's fine cutlery.
Featured Customer Creation: Plug N' Save's Bamboo PV Solar Shutters

Featured Customer Creation:
Plug N' Save's Bamboo PV Solar Shutters
Featured Customer Creation: Plug N' Save's Bamboo PV Solar Shutters

Charity Videos

2011 Celebrity Expression Session:
Celebrities hang 10 for Surfrider
2011 Surfrider Celebrity Expression Session

Cali Bamboo Greenscape Challenge:
Laura visits Surfrider CEO Jim Moriarty
Cali Bamboo and Surfrider present the 2011 Greenscape Challenge
Cali Bamboo Visits Feeding America:
Feeding America SD grand opening.
Cali Bamboo welcomes Feeding America to the neighborhood!

2012 Morning After Mess:
Ron Burgandy lends a Channel 4 hand...
2011 Morning After Mess

2010 Celebrity Expression Session:
A day of surf, sun and celebrities!
2010 Surfrider Celebrity Expression Session
Day Without A Bag Event:
Cali Bamboo hands out re-usable bags...
2011 Day without a bag event

2011 Morning After Mess:
Team Cali lends a few hands in OB.
2011 Morning After Mess

Cali Bamboo Customer Testimonials