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Bamboo Flooring Finish – 10 Coat Durability

Bamboo Flooring 10-Coat Durability Finish

Cali Bamboo’s industry leading 10-stage, water-based, acrylic topcoat system is 100% environmentally safe and free of all harmful chemical compounds. All coatings are free of halogenated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and any harmful emissions.

  • All coatings comply with the EN71 Quality Standard.
  • All Cali Bamboo® Flooring meets European E1 standards.
  • All Cali Bamboo® Flooring meets European E0 standards.
  • All Cali Bambo®o Flooring meets Japanese JIS/JAS standards.
  • The coatings are based on waterborne acrylated polymers.

Crissy’s Big Dogs vs. Bamboo Floors:
100 Pound Dogs and not a scratch.

Flooring for Dog Owners:
John’s floor is beautiful and durable.

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