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Bamboo Plywood FAQs

Bamboo Plywood FAQs

Q: Is the plywood finished?
A: All Cali Bamboo® plywood products are sold unfinished for greater versatility.

Q: What is the difference between natural, carbonized, and marbled bamboo plywood?
A: Natural bamboo plywood retains bamboo’s natural color because it has not undergone any additional processes to alter its color. Carbonized bamboo plywood is a slightly darker shade achieved through a heating process, not stains, making it the same color through and through. Marbled bamboo plywood is a blend of light and dark tones for a striking, bold look.

Q: What is the difference between Fossilized®, horizontal, and vertical bamboo plywood?
A: Fossilized® bamboo plywood is our version of strand woven. Our proprietary process interweaves and compresses shredded bamboo fibers into an super dense block, enhancing both the color and grain contrast.

Horizontal bamboo plywood refers to the process of laying wide strips of bamboo on top of one another, exposing the plant’s natural nodes.

Vertical bamboo plywood refers to the process of turning thin strips of bamboo on their sides and laminating them together in long, slender rows in which the nodes are not visible.

Q: What other thicknesses are available?
A: Cali Bamboo® plywood can be custom ordered any thickness needed, single, double, or triple-ply. Contact our Green Building Specialists for pricing and production times.