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Bamboo Poles FAQs

Bamboo Poles For Your Home Projects

Learn What Makes Bamboo Poles a Great Building Material

Q: Are Cali Bamboo® poles straight?
A: Using our proprietary Sigma7™ Quality Control System, Cali Bamboo® poles are hand selected to be straight and uniform. However, natural variation can occur. Additionally, bamboo grows with a natural taper so your poles may be varying diameters on either ends.

Q: How long will they last?
A: When properly maintained, Cali Bamboo® poles can last decades even in the harshest climates.

Q: How can I keep my poles looking beautiful?
A: Over time, you may notice changes in the color of your bamboo poles. After the waxy outer cellulose fibers break down, the bamboo can take on a grayish tone. To prevent this from occurring or to restore the bamboo after this has occurred, we recommend applying TWP® 300 to all bamboo.

Q: Will my poles crack?
A: Cali Bamboo® poles are harvested and processes with our proprietary Sigma7™ Quality Control System to avoid cracking. However, with fluctuations in air pressure, temperature, and humidity, cracking may be uncontrollable.

Q: Can I build a structure with them?
A: Cali Bamboo® poles are for decoration purposes only and should never be load-bearing.

Q: How can I cut my poles?
A: Poles can be cut with a simple hacksaw or circular saw. In general, fine-tooth blades tend to give cleaner cuts.