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Bamboo Slats FAQs

Bamboo Slats FAQs

Q: Are Cali Bamboo® slats intended for indoor or outdoor use?
A: Our slats can be used for both indoors and outdoors. If you plan to install your slats outdoors, we recommend applying TWP® 300 to keep them looking beautiful for years.

Q: How do I cut my slats?
A: Bamboo slats can be cut with a simple hacksaw or circular saw. In general, fine-tooth blades tend to give cleaner cuts.

Q: Can I build a structure with them?
A: Cali Bamboo® slats are for decoration purposes only and should never be load-bearing.

Q: What kind of bamboo is used to make Cali Bamboo® slats?
A: Our bamboo slats are made from Moso bamboo poles which can be 5-6 inches in diameter.