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Bamboo Stain

TWP 300 Series® is designed to extend both the look and longevity of bamboo products that are exposed to all exterior elements. TWP will completely rejuvenate older worn out bamboo fencing and its advanced formula is designed specifically to reduce or even eliminate natural weathering that occurs to bamboo fencing, bamboo poles and bamboo slats. Visit our Bamboo Fencing Care and Maintenance page for detailed application instructions.

1 Gallon Light Cedar TWP® 300 Series (3.8 Liters)
Slats: 350 sqft Rolled Panels: 500 sqft

Price: $67.95

1 Gallon Dark Oak TWP® 300 Series (3.8 Liters)
Slats: 350 sqft Rolled Panels: 500 sqft

Price: $67.95

Continued Maintenance After Installation:

• First year maintenance: Clean and re-seal your fence following steps above after 12 months.
• Regular maintenance: Sweep away foliage buildup from your fence regularly, especially where shade and water is abundant. Take measures to edge and trim the terrain around your fence.
• Future maintenance: Clean and re-seal your fence every 2-3 years, or as needed depending on the regional climate conditions. Follow steps above.

How Often Should I Clean and Seal My Fence?
It is advisable to clean and seal your fence prior to installation and every 2-3 years thereafter (see instructions above). However, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” treatment. Depending on the regional climate, it may be advisable to apply a sealant annually for the best results.

Will My Bamboo Fence Age?
Like all outdoor wood products, bamboo can be subject to natural susceptibilities that may include surface mold, cracking or discoloration. Fortunately, these superficial changes can be remedied (see instructions above) and will not affect the structural integrity of your bamboo.

Can I Restore A Weathered Fence?
Yes; your fencing is 100% repairable. Cali Bamboo Fences can be easily restored. If you notice natural weathering such as mold or discoloration, it is a good time to clean and re-seal your fence (see instructions above). Oftentimes, a restored fence will look even better than when it was new.

Weathered Bamboo Fence:
Weathered Bamboo Fence:

Restored with Dark Oak TWP:

METHOD OF APPLICATION: MIX TWP ® 300 THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING! Apply with brush, roll, spray, and wiping cloth or applicator pad. Do not apply below 50° F, if rain is anticipated with 48 hours or heavy dew is present.

DRY TIME: 48-96 hours depending on drying conditions. Drying conditions will vary greatly depending on applied film thickness and weather conditions. Multi coat applications may be “tacky” for up to 30 days. Full cure will begin when surface is tack free.

Bamboo Fencing Videos

Fence Repair:
Cover up block, wood and chain link.

How To Build a Fence:
Build a complete bamboo fence.

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