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Hey, this is Walker Hicks. We’re up here in beautiful Malibu, California at the MSA Classic. Cali Bamboo is sponsoring the Celebrity Expression Session today along with Barefoot Wines, and for each wave a celebrity catches we’re gonna donate 100 bucks to Surfrider Foundation. So let’s go and meet some celebrities! (Walker speaking with actor Austin Nichols) You’re gonna catch some waves today, right? (Nichols) Absolutely. I threw out a really high number. I said 30. (Walker) Out of everybody here, who do you think is your biggest competition today? (Nichols) Umm… there’s no competition! (Walker) Yeah! That’s what I wanna hear! (Laughing) (Walker speaking with Surfrider’s Alexis Henry) Hey, we’re here with Alexis. Hey Alexis! (Henry) Hey, how’s it going? Yeah we’re excited for the Celebrity Expression Session. We’ve got a great crop of celebrities out in the water raising funds and awareness for the Surfrider Foundation. It’s been an amazing day, and it’s only noon! (Laughing) (Walker speaking with musicians Martyn Lenoble and Anthony Keidis) Hey, we’ve got Anthony Keidis coming up here. Hey Anthony, awesome job out there. I totally lost count of how many waves you caught, but I know you caught a lot. (Keidis) Yeah, Martyn was keeping track for me. (Walker) Oh, you were. (Keidis) So I don’t know how many I caught. (Walker) I think we’re in trouble here. (Lenoble) I had 50; he had 49. (Walker) Ok, fantastic, fantastic. (Keidis) Lets try to keep our water clean for everybody and for our kids and the animals that live out there. Please. (Lenoble) Please. (Keidis) Please. (Flea, speaking with Walker) You know, William Blake was a great poet. And a great painter also. (Actor, Sam Trammel speaking with Walker) I was, I’ve been a member of Surfrider for about six years now — when I first started surfing and getting more aware about, you know, the trouble the oceans are in. And Surfrider’s great. It helps preserve the ecological integrity of the beaches and the ocean. It helps clean up the ocean and keep access to the ocean and we need to save our oceans. It’s everything. (Actor Brian Geraghty speaking to Walker) You know, it’s funny, it’s like it’s kinda the quality of life, being a surfer and spending your life in the ocean. It kind of feeds into your everyday life. So I did buy a hybrid, you know all those kinds of things. I recycle, I don’t use bottles anymore. I have my, you know my portable water. The Brita. You know, it’s all these little things that carry over into your life that you feel better about yourself. You feel like you’re doing something. (Actor Eric Balfour speaking with Walker) Aaah, if I could have anyone out here, for me? I’d say I want the most powerful man in the world – I want Barack Obama out here. (Walker) Aww, that’s an awesome call-out. Barack, you heard it here. Come on out next year and– (Balfour) I know he surfs. Actually, I’m gonna make some calls. I think you just inspired me to do something! (Actress Christina Applegate speaking to Walker) Well I mean this is, we just get this gift from the universe, and it’s important for us to take care of it. People don’t take care of it. And I’m really glad that there are organizations like this that are taking care of not only our beaches but of the helpless animals that are out there, that are– this is their home. We need to take care of them.

More Photos of Celebrity Expression Session 2010

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