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Hey, this is Laura for Cali Bamboo, and we are at the Celebrity Expression Session in Malibu, California. The event is held as part of the MSA Classic and attracts celebrities from film, TV and music to raise awareness for Surfrider Foundation. (Laura) How long have you been a surfer? (Ross Thomas) You know, I started surfing when I was about yay high. I think that’s why this event is so important and why Surfrider Foundation is so important because one person can make a difference, so just keep passing it on and we can all keep the ocean clean. (Laura) So Surfrider is a pretty natural fit for you. (David Chokachi) It is. It is. And it’s funny. In, let’s see, in 1995 on Baywatch we had a storyline where there was this storm runoff. It was polluting the ocean where the surfers were going in, so we, as the lifeguards on the show put together a fundraiser with the Beach Boys that benefitted Surfrider. and that’s how, that’s how I got – that was my first introduction to them. (Brian Geraghty) Surfrider was started right here at this beach. You know, three people – they wanted to take away this wave, and three people stepped in and said, “You can’t do that,” You know, people put their foot down, and I respect that. And look at this beach we have here now, and look at the waves — the enjoyment people get out of it. (Laura) For every wave the celebrities catch, Cali Bamboo donates $500 – helping to raise $50,000 for Surfrider Foundation. (Eric Balfour) You know, it was all good. It was really fun. Everyone was having fun, and we agreed to all get on the same waves as much as possible just to get more money. There was a period where I think I caught more ankle-sized waves than I have in my entire life. It was good. (John Slattery) You know, I surf, I enjoy being in the ocean, and I think that it’s important that we protect the oceans and the surf and the coastal access and keep the garbage and the plastic out of the water. You know, so that we can all enjoy this place. (Laura) So did you have fun out here today? (John Slattery) I did, yeah. You know I paddle out here with a bunch of these guys on a regular basis, so it was fun just sitting in the water, goofing around. (Laura) So first off, you just got out of the water, so how was it? (Eric Avery) It was umm, interesting. It was sort of challenging. But uh, but we had a good time out there. It was like a Surfrider Foundation Coffee Klatch out there. (Sam Trammell) So Surfrider is great for me because I’m in the ocean a lot, and I see it firsthand, and umm, you know – we need to clean it up. (Laura) Do you do anything at home to stay sustainable or conserve energy, renewable… (Sam Trammell) Yeah, I mean, of course, just doing the little things, like just recycling and watching your water usage, and not just having the water going when you’re not using it, you know, umm. Just doing that – I do that – and if everybody did just those little things it would make a huge difference. To learn more information, visit

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