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Doesn’t it feel like the holidays sneak up on us faster and faster every year? It seems like we were just ringing in 2015 and suddenly, it’s December again! If you’re scrambling to get your holiday decor up in time for the in laws’ visit, we encourage you to keep it green by choosing items made from bamboo. Today holiday-deco enthusiast Megan Wild shares her five ideas for bringing the holiday spirit to your home with bamboo!

5 Ways to Use Bamboo as Holiday Home Deco

Written by Megan Wild, Your Wild Home

Bamboo is making a comeback when it comes to home décor, and people are forgoing traditional building materials in favor of it. Bamboo can be sturdier than hardwood and more environmentally friendly than cutting down trees. Bamboo grows much faster than the average plant. In fact, it can grow up to 24 inches a day. Some species of bamboo can grow even faster. Bamboo can produce much more material than hardwood trees. In a harvest, you could get 20 times more building material with bamboo than you can with a traditional tree. If you want a greener earth, bamboo is a much better option than hardwood trees when it comes to building furniture and decorating your home. Bamboo produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than a regular tree does. And if all of those reasons aren’t good enough, harvesting bamboo creates jobs for developing countries. Since it’s harvested in tropical areas, bamboo offers livelihoods for people living in impoverished parts of different countries. All of that is to say, bamboo is a fantastic product to incorporate into your home for many different reasons. Here are some ways you can use bamboo this holiday season.

1. Make a Bamboo Christmas Tree

It’s easier than you think! Rather than cutting down a Christmas tree or purchasing a Christmas tree that’s already dead, build one yourself with bamboo! It’s fairly simple.

Buy shoots of bamboo and cut it into various sizes. Using Command Strips and starting with the longest length, attach your bamboo shoots to the wall and build up from there. Start with the longest shoot and end with the shortest one, and you will have a Christmas tree on your wall. Be sure to place it near an outlet so you can hang lights from the “branches,” and don’t forget to hang those ornaments, too.

You could also make your own mini Christmas topiary using a potted plant. Pick out a green potted plant for the base of your topiary. Purchase bamboo shoots of even lengths. Shoots that are long would work best for this project. Stick the shoots into the soil of the potted plant, gather the tops of the bamboo, and tie them together with twine. Finish off the topiaries by wrapping twinkle lights around them.

You can also build a tabletop bamboo Christmas tree following these steps.

2. Create a Star for the Holidays

This bamboo project is the perfect holiday decoration to place on your mantel with your evergreen branches. Make a larger version of these mini stars, so that you can wrap it with Christmas lights. Just create a star shape with bamboo shoots of even lengths and tie the intersecting sections using twine or whatever else you have on hand. It’s easy and you can make it unique for your house.

You can even get creative and paint your star for a special effect. Just remember that when you start painting, you should use a drop cloth to protect your floor. The last thing you want is an oil-based paint on your floor after your DIY project!

3. Leaning Shelf

You can buy a stylish, eco-friendly bamboo bookcase that is rated low for emissions. It can lean against the wall, and it’s perfect for a small space. Place some throw blankets over a shelf and use the other shelves for lights, evergreen branches, and Christmas ornaments and trinkets. It’s cute with an urban feel to it, and it can be used all year round. Plus, you are doing the environment a huge favor.

4. Throw Blankets and Pillows

You may be more than a little surprised to see these items on a list of bamboo décor pieces. With the popularity of bamboo and the modern technology and machinery we now have, ways of using it are almost limitless. Everyone knows a good way of getting your house ready for winter means making it look and feel warmer. That means lots of comfy pillows and throws for you to put in your living room and bedrooms.

You can find bamboo throw pillows and blankets for a pretty reasonable price. And it’s not like these things feel like traditional bamboo to the touch! These blankets are as soft as a traditional blanket made of wool or cotton. You can make your house toasty warm in the winter and feel good about doing your part to help our earth stay green. Pick festive colors, like green, red, blue and silver to add to your home’s holiday feel.

Bamboo mats are also a great way to decorate your house. For a fun a holiday greeting, you can buy a bamboo mat at a home improvement store and easily paint whatever design you want. Paint “Happy Holidays,” “Season’s Greetings” or a festive design, and place it just inside your front door. It’s something you can pull out every year along with the rest of your Christmas decorations!

5. Coat and Hat Rack

Tis the season for coats, hats and scarves! Make a stylish addition to your home and also a place for all of those outerwear accessories to land. To make your bamboo coat rack, buy long bamboo shoots that are equal in length. Either keep the natural color, or paint them in colors that are complementary to the rest of your home.

You will need rope, twine or leather to tie the bamboo shoots together near one end. Stand the shoots up, spread them out, and add some lights and garland around the bottom legs – now even your coat rack can spread some holiday cheer.

Bamboo is the perfect décor material for those who live in a warmer climate, but it would work in a cooler climate as well. It will fit in well in an urban household or your house near the beach. It has a retro feel to it, but you can easily incorporate it into a home with modern style. How will you use bamboo this holiday season?

Megan Wild is slightly in love with Christmas decor. When she’s not staring upwards at Christmas trees and lights, she’s cataloging her latest adventures with decor on her blog, Your Wild Home.

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