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Rethinking the Home

The American home has been the focus of a lot of discussion lately. This month’s Greenshoots provides some useful tips on how to simply and sustainably increase the value of your home without breaking the bank. We also look at what some young, motivated Hawaiians are doing to bring hale aloha (homes of love), to those who need them most.

Increase the Value of your Home with Bamboo
When trying to raise the value of your home, a few simple but key renovations can go a long way in improving the overall look and attracting the right kind of attention. Using green building materials, like bamboo, will significantly boost your home’s value and allure.

Curb Appeal – Your front yard is what potential buyers see first, making your outdoor presentation very important. Consider replacing an old fence with Cali Bamboo fencing to make your landscaping and house really pop. Or showcase your flower beds with some bright bamboo edging. For an entrance that truly sets the tone for a one-of-a-kind home, install a stylish bamboo gate.

Elegance Afoot – The luxury of hardwood, meets the sustainability of bamboo in our newly expanded bamboo flooring series, offering new colors and accessories for a uniquely personalized home. Hardwood floors are always mentioned front and center in any real estate listing. With bamboo flooring, you’ll not only showcase your home’s superior design, but its superior “greenness” as well.

Cupboard Makeover – The kitchen is often considered the center of a home, so it is especially important to have yours looking clean and chic. Instead of shelling out tons of money for a new cabinet system, consider refacing your existing cabinetry with bamboo plywood. Our strong bamboo plywood comes in a variety of widths and colors and works well in the kitchen, bath, or commercial environments.

Building Green Homes in Paradise

High Schoolers Bring Bamboo Construction to their Hawaiian Community
Students building with bamboo on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui, a group of idealistic high school students are capturing the spirit of kokua, or giving, by building homes in their community for seniors and the disabled. In addition to traditional high school courses, the students of the Hana School Building Program Ma Ka Hana Ke ‘Ike – meaning “in working, one learns” – learn the basics of construction and put them to use in these community service projects and by raising their own school buildings and labs. Their projects have ranged from an alternative energy demonstration lab and a new counseling office on campus to wheelchair ramps for the elderly in their homes.

This past January, they added yet another realm of building knowledge to their repertoire – green building with bamboo! The students, along with their teacher, Rick Rutiz, crafted new school offices entirely out of this highly renewable resource – a project which gave the high schoolers a chance to use bamboo as a certifiable building material for the first time. In their many community service building projects, the students learn to put compassion into real action, while acquiring valuable skills in sustainable craftsmanship which will help to improve the state of our environment for future generations.

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