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How a Junk-Filled Lot Brought the First Renewable Fence to Small-Town, Missouri

The following testimonial was sent to us by Cali Bamboo customer and former Project of the Month contestant, Jackson Brock Wommack from Richland, MO. Thanks to Jackson for the feedback and the photos of his very creative fence!

I moved to the Missouri Ozark mountains eight years ago after inheriting our 124-year-old, 392-acre farm (I’m fourth generation) to care for my sister and now 91-year-old mother. The 14 room Victorian mansion (Mom’s place) and my own home across the street were outside of town. Now the town has grown around our homes. Richland has a current population of more than 1,800 souls!

There is a very strong patriotic pride in the Ozarks that “No one can tell me what to do with my property. This is America!” Planning and zoning in town is ruled by wishful thinking and a magic wand. So when the neighboring 90-foot lot was zoned “commercial” with no stipulations on use, I hit the roof. And on the other neighboring lot, there is more in the yard than in the house (lawn mowers, old cars, etc.). After coming back down to earth I decided that a good fence makes for good neighbors.

The job required height — eight feet tall, to be exact. The big box stores and fencing companies maxed-out at six feet, were all plank timber, and frankly, looked like every other fence in the Ozarks. As an artist and historic home restorer, the fence had to be something beautiful and different. I searched the Internet for renewables (recycled barn siding), and then on a hunch searched for bamboo.

Wow. It was a third of the cost per foot, fully renewable (being a grass species) and looked original and beautiful. Why Cali Bamboo? I was fully impressed by the quality of manufacturing as well as the stated stress levels — capable of withstanding F3 tornados. (Joplin, MO is just about 100 miles down the road, and straight-line winds are a four season event around here.)

Wommack writes: “The bamboo is replacing a livestock fence I installed when I first moved in eight years ago to protect the dogs. In two of the eight-foot sections deck railing was used so the dogs would get to keep their views. It was an on the fly decision, but its effect is truly a stunner.”

This project turned my angst at City Hall into a thing of beauty that has transformed the neighborhood. Simply put, it’s a unique product with remarkable linear beauty and strength. It may be the only bamboo fence within a 200-mile radius. Folks are constantly stopping at the door to ask about the product and take pictures.

Thanks for the chance to bring a bit of pride and a morale boost to this tired little town in the Ozarks.


Jackson Brock Wommack

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