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A veteran of Cali Bamboo’s customer service department, Samantha has tips for every product and every installation. Now she’s sharing a few tricks of the trade for anyone embarking on a new bamboo floor installation.

If you have questions regarding a Cali Bamboo project, write to her at [email protected]

Don’t forget your Expansion Gap

Something important to remember when installing your floor is to leave a space of at least one half inch around the perimeter of the floor.  A lot of do-it-yourselfers don’t realize this also means around fixtures like kitchen islands and columns in addition to the walls. Basically, this space should be left along all vertical surfaces. Cali Bamboo offers all the accessories and moldings (like baseboards and quarter rounds) you would need to cover the gap. Fortunately, because of its density, our flooring is less likely to be affected by expansion issues — as opposed to a lower-quality floor.

Acclimation is Key

Acclimation is one of the most important steps of installation. This step is sometimes rushed or skipped altogether because of a hasty installation schedule. But this is the best thing you can do to ensure optimum stability for the lifetime of your floor.  It can take some extra time, but is relatively simple and should not be skipped! A common misconception is that certain extreme climates can’t handle hardwood flooring of any kind, including bamboo. However, Cali Bamboo® flooring can be installed in any climate as long as it’s given the right amount of time to adjust. There is no one-size-fits-all timeframe for acclimation, however we recommend a minimum of 72 hours.

Here’s a helpful How-To video…

Natural Colors for a Natural Product

Cali Bamboo® flooring is a natural product. No two planks will be quite the same; each board is truly unique — like a snowflake. A mosaic of rich natural colors and distinctive characteristics add to the beauty of bamboo flooring. To best feature these natural colors we recommend working from several boxes at a time. Play with different looks by mingling the planks before installation to find the best composition for your room. Our photo gallery offers over 300 images to demonstrate the overall look of each flooring style once installed.

What Cleaning Products are best for bamboo?

We recommend using Bona Pro Hardwood Flooring Cleaner for your everyday clean-ups. Vacuum and sweep the floor regularly to keep it free of dirt. Avoid using oil-based or wax cleaners that will leave a residue. For all hardwood flooring, regardless of species, wet mopping and the use of water to clean the floor is not recommended. It’s also important to remember to clean up any spills right away to protect your finish. The advantage of Cali Bamboo® flooring is its 10-coat scratch resistant finish — almost twice the industry standard. This plays a huge role in easy upkeep.

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