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This is a house crash. As day two winds down, the deck wraps up with a bamboo roof. Chill right? We worked very hard, everybody used a ton of tools, you guys killed it today. Thank you so much. You guys. I’m very proud of you both. See you tomorrow. First up, finish off the storage cabinet. So we’re gonna face that with this. What we’re gonna do is lay it out and cut it. Now we have bamboo, we have green everywhere. Everything is nice kind of contemporary Moroccan. The fire pit is bad ass. Oh yeah the fire pit is nice. The water feature is nice, it drowns out the traffic and other stuff going by. A little different? Big difference! You got the rocking Moroccan cabana with the custom planter table, the lightboxes the stools, three days. Done!Awesome! I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. It’s a little different for me. I haven’t done a lot of outdoor spaces, I stepped out of the box here. But the great thing about that was, a lot of the stuff that we did, could be indoor or outdoor. Anton Prack you and your crew. Javier! Javier! Awe you guys. He brought the indoors out. We could party outside and still think we’re inside. Enjoy your crash. Alright we’re outta here let’s go guys.

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