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Serrao Cabinets with Cali Bamboo PlywoodLike Miss Congeniality in a beauty pageant, sometimes the crowd darling falls just short of the crown.

Although the top prizes in our March Project of the Month Contest went to completely worthy contestants, the project that attracted the most Facebook chatter didn’t snag an award — this time around. However, the sleek bamboo plywood vanity did inspire just a few of the following comments…

“Clean look with a great taste, I love it!”
“My husband and I are designing a remodel of our small bathroom. This inspires us!”
“I wish I had this one!”
“It takes a talented person to create something as beautiful! Thumbs up!!!”

And as it turns out, Federico Serrao has just given us a small hint of his mastery with bamboo plywood.

The lead craftsman of Serrao Cabinets and Design is a third generation woodworker, upholding the fine carpentry skills his family has been practicing in Naples, Italy since the 19th century. Serrao’s grandfather, who he is named for, specialized in finestra Napoletane, a rare window design, as well as high-end furniture which he made with his own hand-crafted tools. Recounting his grandfather’s talent, Serrao says, “Using a meticulous wax finish, he made one of-a-kind pieces designed to last forever. Now these antiques are worth fortunes!”

One would think that with all this old-school tradition in his lineage Serrao Cabinets would be the last place to find avant-garde design and new green building materials. But you’d be wrong.

Serrao Cabinets with Cali Bamboo Plywood

The re-imagined curves of his bamboo plywood vanity and fresh aesthetic are anything but old-world.  While celebrating the techniques of his ancestors, Serrao has jumped into modernity with both feet, adding renewable materials to his arsenal. After all, a project doesn’t always need a spot in a museum to make it art… or to get people talking.

See more of Serrao’s designs here.

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