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I’m a little bit of a control freak, self-admitted, but this is a project that I think it’s probably better that I’m removed so that it actually just kinda gets done. (Host) We’ve got the spa in and the landscaping started. Now it’s time for the shower. (Dean Marsico, Licensed Contractor) When John and I are framing for our showerhead, we need something to mount it on. John, this piping here, it’s stainless steel, right? (John Douglas, Landscaper) This is braided stainless steel piping. We’re gonna run it up behind this little 2 by, and we’re gonna secure that. Then we’re gonna cover the whole operation with bamboo paneling. (Host) Our next step is to frame it using bamboo fencing made from Tonkin cane. It’s connected with 12-gauge galvanized steel-coated wires which we cut to length. (Dean) Screwing your bamboo into your wood, you don’t want to make it too tight because if you do, guess what? Bamboo splits. Split bamboo – not good bamboo. Is there a Ginger or a Marianne here? Anyone?

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