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Every child dreams of having the ultimate tree house complete with running water, electricity and their favorite toys in heaps galore, but few can imagine what Pete Nelson of Treehouse Masters and his crew can create. In the season two finale of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, the team took it a step further, not just making dreams come true, but blowing those dreams out of the water. Case in point, the latest custom creation, a Southern-style speakeasy for country music crooner, Brian Kelley of hit-making duo, Florida Georgia Line.

Brian Kelley and his wife Brittney wanted a tree house to enhance their Nashville home nestled in a forest of black and white Oak trees. Before building began, they had a few requests for Pete and his crew including connecting the tree house to the second floor of the main house, having a round bed (?!) and, naturally, a recording studio where Brian and band mate Tyler, could get creative.

Helping to make the recording studio a reality were, surprisingly, the walls. These weren’t ordinary walls however, but instead walls covered in Cali Bamboo’s GreenClaimed cork wall tiles. The cork wall tiles applied to the interior of the tree house help absorb sound waves and create the perfect conditions for creating future number one hits. In fact, in a previous episode of Treehouse Masters, musician Cee Lo Green installed cork wall tiles as well and tested the sound while laying down a few new tracks.

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