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The revolutionary engineered construction layers real European oak — and now American maple! — over a waterproof limestone composite core, delivering easy-to-install, worry-free DIY hardwood flooring.

CALI has added new hardwood styles to its popular GeoWood flooring line. GeoWood layers real timber over a waterproof core called GeoCore — CALI’s stabilizing SPC limestone composite foundation. This technological breakthrough yields rock solid hardwood flooring with exceptional water resistance and a rapid click-lock installation system.

The four new hardwood styles include two in European oak and, for the first time, two in North American hard maple. Maple is highly popular in modern designs, satisfying a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Its warm tones brighten rooms and provide a versatile interior canvas. The full GeoWood collection now offers 15 style options, including four floors topped with Fossilized bamboo.

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Half Moon Maple – GeoWood

Newport Dunes Maple – GeoWood

Capistrano Oak – GeoWood

Old Grove Oak – GeoWood

What is GeoWood flooring? Watch and find out!

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