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::CALI BAMBOO: Why We’re Unique::

Each bamboo shoot is one-of-a-kind which is what makes our fences, flooring and other products special. Every piece of bamboo has its own patterns and markings, each with a unique story to tell.

The same is true of Cali Bamboo’s globe-trotting staff. In this issue of Green Shoots, we’d like to share a few stories from team members about the unexpected places we’ve found bamboo and the insights our travel experiences have provided on bamboo’s significance and the meaning of our work serving Cali Bamboo customers and saving the planet.

::Shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day and…Bamboo?!::

Janneke recently visited Great Britain to indulge in some British humor and reconnect with family members there. On the south west coast of Ireland, she came across a patch of green not usually associated with the Emerald Isle, a bamboo park!

::Tree Hugging – A Whole Lot to Love::

Sequoia National Park has the heart of two Cali Bamboo team members, Robert and Seth. The beauty, greatness and vulnerability of the Giant Sequoias gave Seth renewed enthusiasm for his work and for Cali Bamboo’s focus on renewable resources. And Robert realized the impact bamboo can have in the preservation of Sequoia and other species that take centuries to grow back to their full size.

::What Green Means around the Globe::

Josh spent three months in southeast Asia, where bamboo was used for everything from 80-foot scaffolding to food. Most of the buildings where Josh stayed during his trip were built of and decorated with bamboo.

The lack of recycling and trash disposal programs contrasted sharply with the innovative, sustainable building practices he saw there.

Josh’s conclusion: “We in America have a responsibility to help sustain the third world countries of the planet and move our knowledge of green living and sustainability to prevent the burning up of vitality.”

::Simple Can Be Better::

While Erik traveled abroad, he discovered many cultures that found endless ways of extracting multiple products from native resources. Thailand’s ingenious use of coconut and bamboo helped it rely less on imported materials. Thais used the whole coconut — for its meat, its milk, even as firewood. Thai houses, brooms, baskets, poles for carrying heavy loads all were made from bamboo.

In Costa Rica, Erik discovered several more innovative uses for bamboo. He found an outdoor yoga studio made with huge bamboo poles-approximately 10 inches in diameter-and earthy plaster for the walls.

In Panama, bamboo paddles propelled boats and massive bamboo poles provided structural support for buildings.

::The Power Of Bamboo::

As the Cali Bamboo staff found on their travels, nature provides opportunities to correct imbalances and clean up mistakes made by humans. Bamboo is one tool in our arsenal for healing the environment. Planted on a mass basis, it theoretically could start to reverse the effects of global warming in just 6 years. That’s power. Use it wisely!

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