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If you want a backyard landscape that goes beyond the average fountain or fire pit, look no further than landscape design powerhouse Jake Moss. Jake’s creative designs are known for pushing the boundaries of the norm, an innovative fusion of art and landscape architecture. We love how his designs often have an eco-conscious edge, incorporating recycled and salvaged elements whenever possible. Whether it’s transforming a reclaimed power tower into outdoor benches, repurposing rusted sheet metal into a fence, or making outdoor bar stools out of kegs, Jake’s reclaimed treasures bring a unique history to any backyard, proving that you are only limited by your own imagination.

Jake Moss showcases his creative genius on Yardcore, a backyard renovation TV show on the DIY Network. In each episode, Jake and his brother Joel have 48 hours to makeover a backyard— without ever meeting the homeowners until the final reveal! With just a quick tour of the yard and five-minute peek at the home’s interior for clues, the duo takes on the challenge of creating an eye-catching outdoor living space that is a reflection of the personality and interests of the homeowner.

Check out these two episodes of Yardcore that feature Cali Bamboo products!

Japanese Zen Garden:
Jake draws inspiration from the Far East to build a bold and beautiful Japanese zen backyard, complete with a Cali Bamboo fence.

“I believe that fences can either make or break a yard. I ordered the awesome looking mahogany colored bamboo fencing from Cali Bamboo. It’s not that cheap stuff that you get at your local home improvement store. This stuff is heavy duty and super durable. After repairing the original fencing, we simply tacked the bamboo screen over the existing fence.” – Jake

Suburban Surf Paradise: Cali Bamboo fencing adds a beachy feel to a backyard paradise designed for homeowners with an undying love for surfing and skateboarding.

“Again, I had another ugly fence to contend with. I wasn’t to worried about that though, because we have Cali Bamboo fencing in our arsenal! We were able to transform that hideous boring suburban fence into a real so cal style surf yard.” – Jake

Be sure to tune in to the new season of Yardcore on the DIY Network this March!


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