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Bamboo’s intrinsic qualities – its beauty, strength, durability and renewability, among others – fascinated people for centuries long before climate change put it in the headlines.  This issue of Green Shoots focuses on the simplicity and practicality of bamboo and looks at ways bamboo can be used in unusual ways for the holidays –to celebrate rituals, symbolize health and happiness, entertain our families and even stand in for that most evergreen of traditions, the Christmas tree.

glass_tree2::The Bamboo Christmas Tree::

Both bamboo and glass have always been examples of great strength and longevity in nature.  Seattle glass artist Jean-Pierre Canlis has combined the two to create his signature Bamboo Installations. Canlis is an acclaimed, in-demand glass artist whose creations are displayed throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. For Seattle’s annual O’Christmas Trees auction this year, he created a custom, hand-sculpted, glass Bamboo Tree.  As the event’s Presenting Artist, Canlis donated the tree which was auctioned to raise funds for senior and community services.

Learn more about Canlis by visiting

::Dao Delux Game::

gameIf you’re bored with playing the same board game each holiday season, put your refined game-playing skills to the test in a new competition.  While your Uncle Ron may hold the record for Pictionary, you can wipe the scoreboard clean and start fresh the Dao Deluxe Game.

Bamboo fans will be excited to know the game is packaged in a hollow piece of bamboo that serves as a convenient storage and carrying case for eight natural stone playing pieces, a bamboo board that rolls up, and instructions printed on parchment.

Aficionados claim Dao Deluxe helps calm and center its players, by replicating the natural flow and movement of the universe. Sure beats the lack of flow and movement at airports and malls across the country this time of year.

::Bamboo Therapy ::

candle1Aromatherapy benefits the physical and mental well-being of those who practice it.  At Cali Bamboo, we understand the importance of making your guests feel at home when they visit for the holidays.  That’s why we have introduced the Cali Bamboo Candles just in time for the holiday season.

The rich coconut scent is an excellent way to sooth and relax the mind while the crisp lime scent energizes and revitalizes the body.  The bamboo casing helps green the already environmentally-friendly product made of soybean slowburn wax.  Plus, the Feng Shui luck wealth coin is sure to bring good luck to you and your loved ones throughout the New Year.


tinikling1When the Christmas Party chit-chat and eggnog leaves something to be desired, introduce your friends to Tinikling (sounds like “tickling”), a folk dance from the Philippines. It is a fast-moving traditional Filipino dance to your guests that ensures they won’t over-indulge.

While at least one pair of people must clap together bamboo poles to create a rhythm and challenge the dancers, participants jump to move their feet quickly out of the way of the bamboo poles before the clappers hit them together.  Who knew bamboo could be so fun!
View a demonstration

Happy Holidays.  Consider taking the New Year as an opportunity to make a difference in the world around you.  Start small, with your family, your neighborhood or a regional issue.  Over time, our individual efforts to bring positive change to the planet can have tremendous collective impact.

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