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Bamboo pole bench

This contemporary bamboo pole bench (created by University of Wisconsin-Madison’s art department) is a sample of some unique Cali Bamboo projects now gracing the idea boards of Pinterest.

Are you on the hunt for even more bamboo designs? If you have not yet discovered the newest creative outlet/online addiction, allow us to introduce you to Pinterest. For those of you already savvy to this collective of obsessed pinners, you now have a friend in Cali Bamboo.

The site allows you to create virtual cork boards that essentially gather all the great ideas you’ve encountered on the internet in one place. Members “pin” all sorts of inspiring images and share new recipes, interior designs, fashion tips, product reviews, artwork, vacation destinations, photography… just about anything to stoke the imagination. We’ve just posted our first pins, highlighting some of the extra avant-garde projects our customers have completed with bamboo flooring, plywood, fencing, decking, and other green products. Click here to check it out!

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