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Cali Run Club Weighs In

Cali Bamboo recently launched an internal wellness program and “Run Club” under the skilled direction of our very own Mary C., an avid distance runner and cyclist (Mary’s passion for fitness is superseded only by her passion for pop tarts! ;)). We decided to sit down with Mary and four of our Cali Run Club members; Cameron, Liz, Kimmie, and Sofia, and ask a few questions about the club, and how they got started!

CB: Mary, what made you want to kick off the Run Club?

M: Running has been an important part of my life for many years, so I wanted to share it! I had no idea it would take off like this! Tanner, our Co-Founder, wanted me to start a wellness program to promote healthy living and keep our growing team bonded… Running is a sport you can take up anywhere, at any time, without any special equipment. Some of our Run Club members have busier days where they can’t make a schedule run, but they can still go on their own. It’s flexible, but structured for an opportunity to be consistent. With running, you’re competing against yourself – always striving to improve and get faster and strong. It’s a slow payoff, but well worth the effort.

CB: What made each of you join the Run Club?

L: I think it’s a great way to get people together and make working out fun!

C: The opportunity to accomplish a goal; Run and finish a 5k! Also, the opportunity to better myself.

K: I began running in high school, but I was actually a rower in college. I got injured around that time and opted for other, lower-impact sports. Now I’m ready to get back into running!

S: I had been running for several years, then had a 4-year hiatus. When you don’t use it, you really do lose it…I started running on my lunches again and wanted to continue and make no excuses!

CB: What improvements have you seen since you started?

M: A mental and physical break allow me to come back stronger with problem-solving the rest of my workday.

C: I went from never running, to being able to run for more than 15 minutes consistently!

S: Training with Mary has made me a more educated runner regarding pacing, technique, and pain management.

CB: What are some of your short and long-term running goals?

M: Short-term, hill cadence. Long-term? Sub-3-hour marathon.

C: Run an entire 5k, for the short-term. Long-term, making this a lifestyle and run 3+ times a week.

K: I’m currently focusing on feel-good running for 30 minutes straight, and hoping to keep running as a go-to workout in future!

S: Short-term, increase speed and stamina. Long-term, run a marathon!

CB: Why would you encourage people to start running?

M: Physical and mental health benefits are tremendous.

L: It’s a great way to get your blood pumping, get outdoors, and get active!

C: It’s an easy, low-cost exercise – and you can do it anywhere you can find a little time.  

K: The endorphins and ability to connect with people!

Learn more about wellness at Cali Bamboo by watching the video below!

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