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Few commercial companies have a mission statement that includes making a difference in the future of the planet. Cali Bamboo is one of those few. Formed by Jeff Goldberg and Tanner Haigwood in 2004, Cali Bamboo specializes in products composed of bamboo – the fastest growing and most renewable plant on Earth. (Tanner Haigwood) Starting out, our vision was to build a company that did not take from the Earth. To have a company that is ethically sound, that we could be proud of and still make a living for ourselves. (Jeff Goldberg) One of the most difficult problems starting out was to convince people that they could use bamboo for traditional things like fencing. To go into the lumber store and tell some guy in the lumber industry that you can use this round piece of wood in place of something that’s flattened squares is pretty difficult. (Announcer) Just two years after it was formed, Cali Bamboo dominated the bamboo fencing market. Today, the company’s offerings have expanded to an array of bamboo products for construction and interior decorating. (Tanner Haigwood) The most enjoyable part of my job is that the better we perform as a company the more that does to promote a healthy environment for everyone, just by the nature of the product that we sell. (Announcer) Commercial applications of Cali Bamboo products can be seen at the Bellagio and MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Each new sale strengthens the company’s business model. “Saving the Planet, One Customer at a Time.”

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