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Green Gardening Tip: Wonderful Mulch

So one thing you can do. to make your garden more green is to use a green gardeners best friend: mulch. Mulch is great for covering exposed parts of soil in your your backyard or if you’ve just taken out your lawn, put some mulch down it’ll help to retain the moisture. It’ll cut down on runoff that would be going to your street gutter and it also helps to control weeds.

Green Gardening Tip: Shower To Garden

You know if you live in a place where there’s a lot of rainfall a rain barrels a great way to collect water for your garden and retain that water. However, if you live in a place like Southern California where it doesn’t rain as often, with some people do is they will just put a bucket in their shower and then that bucket filled up and then they can take it out and they can water their garden with it.

Green Gardening Tip: No Grout

So one thing you can do to make your garden more green and permeable is by using pavers that don’t have any grout between them if you look at these bricks you’ll see that instead of grout in between them there’s just stand, and that means that when water rushes over them, instead of flowing straight out into the street better and then down into the ocean. It just filters back down into the soil and replenishes the soil and helps your garden.

Green Gardening Tip: Plant Native Plants

So when you’re on your way to making your garden more green, one of the best things you can do is opt for native plants and drought-tolerant plants especially if you live in California or a place where water is it is a big issue and conservation of water is one of your priorities. You wanna go to your nursery and ask them if they have any California native plants or plants that are native to your region these are they going to be the plants that will be best for the wildlife in your region and as you can see behind me I’m trying to avoid the bees among these flowers here but these are great for your garden they’re the number one pollinators and plant like these native plants are going to be the greatest way to bring them into your garden.

Green Gardening Tip: Grouping Plants

Another good way to conserve water in your garden is to plant your plants in groups according to how much water they consume so for instance if you have more tropical plants like this bamboo behind me that require little bit more water make sure that they are grouped with other plans that also required that same amount of water. That way you can focus your water use on one area more so than another area where say he just had drought tolerant plants and this is a really good way to prioritize your water consumption.

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