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Homeowners can achieve a fresh look for their home with Natural Fossilized® Wide Plank flooring, Cali Bamboo’s January product of the month! While some bamboo flooring undergoes a heating process called carbonization to darken the color, Natural Fossilized® bamboo flooring remains in its natural state, a beautiful blond color with one-of-a-kind markings and characteristics. A popular choice for modern and contemporary designs, Natural Fossilized® bamboo planks feature a unique contrast of lighter shades to give your room dimension. The wider planks allow for the natural grain and color variation of the flooring to truly stand out, and the color enhances natural light, creating the allusion of space for smaller  rooms.

While soft colors and neutral tones work wonderfully with natural bamboo flooring, it can be paired well with a variety of design elements to achieve any look you desire. Get inspired with some of our favorite application photos from our Natural Fossilized® bamboo flooring customers:

For many homeowners, durability is at the top of the list when selecting new hardwood flooring. So just how durable is Natural Fossilized® bamboo flooring? Well, the Janka Hardness test revealed that our Fossilized® flooring can withstand over 5,500 pounds of pressure, making it the hardest flooring in the world! This means your Natural Fossilized bamboo flooring will resist denting even with dogs, high heels, furniture, and kids. We have found that the lighter color of the natural flooring is also great at concealing small scratches.

Sony put our Natural Fossilized® flooring to the test by installing it in over 30 stores across the country, where it remains in amazing shape even after years of heavy foot traffic! One manager in Mission Valley said “The floors look great and are holding up very well. There is a noticeable difference in the durability between this bamboo and the other bamboo that was installed previously.”

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