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Which rug style are you? Take this fast and easy quiz to find your perfect match!

Choosing rugs can be difficult! We get it. An area rug can be the perfect way to complete any room’s design aesthetic.

(1) Your drink of choice is: 

a) a healthy smoothie

b) sparkling water

c) beer

d) a newly- invented cocktail

(2) Your scene is: 

a) the great outdoors

b) the newest restaurant

c) home sweet home

d) a music festival

(3) Your ideal vacation getaway is: 

a) camping

b) Manhattan

c) a ski trip

d) Burning Man

(4) Your living room contains: 

a) house plants

b) zero clutter

c) the comfiest couch ever

d) crystals

(5) Your favorite article of clothing is: 

a) your hiking boots

b) a smart watch

c) your blue jeans

d) flip-flops

Mostly A- Rustic 

You get joy and inspiration from simple, natural beauty.  Rugs incorporating sustainable jute fiber and pure, undyed wool go perfectly with your laid-back, eco-friendly attitude.

Mostly B- Modern 

You know what’s hot and are never afraid to ditch the old for the new.  Always, looking for the most cutting edge look, rugs with bold, geometric prints were made for you.

Mostly C- Traditional

You embrace what carries the best memories and comfort, and your home is always inviting. Rugs with easy, adaptable styles will match every decor and stand the test of time.

Mostly D- Bohemian 

You have a wild streak and seek out color, fun, and adventure.  Unafraid of trippy and the avant garde, you gravitate toward rugs that pack a statement and tell a story.

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