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1st Place Winner – John’s Tropical Tiki Bar in sunroom in Cranston, Rhode Island.

– Won with 92 Likes

CB: What drew me to bamboo?

Mike: It was a collaborative effort between my daughter and myself to surprise my son in law.  My daughter wanted to surprise her husband with a Tiki Bar.  He is a huge fan of anything Hawaiian.  He has become disabled and so she wanted to bring the islands to him.  So, of course when she asked me if she ordered the materials if I would be willing to build one I didn’t hesitate and thus the journey began.   Of course you can’t build a Tiki Bar without bamboo, so I researched different sites looking for materials I would need and Cali Bamboo had everything we needed in one location.  I have been very impressed with all of the products.  We used the plywood, paneling, split bamboo and thatch.  They were easy to work with and created the perfect product better than I had envisioned it prior to beginning the construction.

CB: What is unique about your project?
Mike: This project required a lot of coordination as I live in Oregon and my daughter lives in San Diego. So the bamboo was shipped up to Oregon, and then I delivered the finished Tiki Bar to their house in San Diego.  Ironically, during the project build I realized your company was located in San Diego. This being my first Tiki Bar I wasn’t  sure exactly what I needed and there was concern as I was not able to go to the showroom to look at the products prior to purchasing them, but your website was very easy to use and made the process very smooth.

The most challenging part of the project was trying to get the bamboo to fit on the edge of the bar top and match on the corners like I wanted.  Matching the bamboo sizes, making the bamboo flush to the side of the bar top, adjusting the widths, and matching the corners took a lot of patience.  Another challenge was that I built it with no plans other than some measurements my daughter phoned to me.  Some bumps along the way were resolved and the project completed.  I was very proud of the finished product, and the variety of bamboo materials you provide had a lot to do with that.  What is more important is that my son in law was very surprised and loves it.

CB: What other ways do you stay green?
Mike: A lot of my projects include materials that are repurposed.  For picture frames I use old weathered boards.  Juniper trees grow in abundance here in Eastern Oregon.  So, when making room for my garden, or other site clearing that requires removing one of the Juniper trees I build small tables for my friends and myself by cutting the wood into 2 1/2 inch planks.  Because I enjoy working with the Juniper I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use it to support the Tiki Bar roof.  I also love gardening and do all of my own canning which is shared with family and friends.   It makes a perfect gift.  Of course since I’m a handyman I always reuse or repair items when possible, and repurposing them if they are not able to be repaired.

CB: If you win, what will you build with your Cali Bamboo credit?

Mike: This project has really opened my eyes to the diversity in what bamboo can be used for.  When I delivered the Tiki Bar a couple of weeks ago I was able to visit your showroom and realized that the 4 and 5 inch bamboo poles you have on display would be perfect for making holders for pens, cream and sugar, stirs sticks, kitchen tools, napkins and anything else I can come up with.  Then I would use your plywood to build some tables to match the Tiki Bar.  I am also planning on remodeling my Kitchen and Dining room, and bamboo flooring would be perfect for those areas.  Needless to say, the projects are endless and to be able to use something sustainable and so easy to work with is great.

We have been very impressed with how friendly everyone at Cali Bamboo has been and would highly recommend anyone looking for similar type products to give you a call.  The entire staff has been a joy to work with.  Thank you!

2nd Place Winner – Arizona modern home remodel with Slate BamDeck® Composite Decking by Carbon Vudu in Phoenix, Arizona.

– Won with 44 Likes

CB: What drew me to bamboo?

Mike: I have specified your product in the past and like it very much.

CB: What is unique about your project?
Mike: It is located in Phx.AZ. and overseas the a large portion of Phoenix and its skyline.

CB: What other ways do you stay green?
Mike: Being a responsible designer/builder.

CB: If you win, what will you build with your Cali Bamboo credit?
Mike: We will see on the next project we are working on.

3rd Place Winner – John’s Tundra Cork Wall Tile as kitchen back splash in Marengo, Illinois.

– Won with 33 Likes

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