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diy-showchip-i-want-thatIf your walls are feeling a little bare, consider dressing them up with these. Designer tiles made entirely of cork.
I was looking for a different kind of replacement to put on the wall, something that is very eye catching and that worked out to be perfect.
Designer cork tiles are made of 100% tree bark. From the forest, straight to your living room.
It has a lot of texture to it so you can touch it, you can feel it. I like the color of it, it blended well with the scheme that we already had.
And the fact that its natural and sustainable, I like that.
Cork tiles also provide natural insulation, making rooms more energy efficient.They come in three woodsy styles: Sierra, Tundra, and Meadow.
The install process is fairly simple, it’s a peal and stick application, there is a little bit of measuring involved, but the cutting is fairly easy.
Once the pieces are cut to size, apply the peal and stick adhesive, remove the backing tape with a hard flat instrument, and the tiles are ready to go. In less than half a day your walls have gone from bare to beyond compare. When everyone turns around you’re going to see that wow factor of the wall and it’s a nice surprise to see. It looks wonderful. Awesome.

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