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As desert homes go, this one is making a serious play for the crown. The modern escape lies nestled in the heart of the Sonoran Desert near Tucson, Arizona and was designed from top to bottom to exist in harmony with its surroundings. Created by architect Rob Paulus, AIA, it sits in view of three surrounding mountain ranges with massive windows placed to take full advantage of the vista. Working on a budget, Paulus had to be smart about the design choices, and both energy efficiency and green building materials played a role.

The home is made with just a handful of materials — namely block walls, wood framing, concrete, and steel. BamDeck composite decking wraps around the side overhang balcony, and a massive cantilevered roof stretches out over the windows, providing some strategic shade. The exterior steel was left uncoated, allowing it to age naturally in the elements without compromising the structure.  A fitting metaphor to the desert itself, offering hidden gems in a landscape of weathered beauty.

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