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There are many flooring options when it comes to selecting a material, but which type of flooring is best for you? To answer this, we’ll review what considerations should be top of mind when picking a flooring material and then we’ll go over a few popular options.

The type of flooring you select for your next project should be based on a few key considerations.
Which room are you planning to re-floor? You’ll need different characteristics for your flooring depending on if you’re installing below grade (like in basements), or in other moisture-prone, high traffic areas of the home like kitchens and bathrooms.

Are you looking to make an investment in your new floor or do you desire a material that is budget-friendly?
And lastly, what is your plan for installation? You may consider one type of flooring over another for DIY versus professional installation.

Watch the video below to explore flooring options from CALI.

Benefits of Different Flooring Types

Now that you’ve got an idea of the characteristics you’ll need for your new floor, let’s take a look at the following popular flooring materials.

Solid Bamboo Flooring

Solid Bamboo Flooring

Solid Bamboo is a super-durable option for hightraffic areas. Plus, wood flooring investements will add real estate value to your home. We make our bamboo flooring using the Fossilizing method which is like strand woven bamboo flooring on steroids. It’s beautiful, super sustainable, and literally the world’s hardest floor.
• Chart-topping Janka Rating
• 50-year residential warranty
• 10-coat scratch resistant finish
• Ultra-low VOC
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Engineered Eucalyptus Flooring

Eucalyptus is a sustainable fast-growing tree and can be harvested without causing any damage to the plant or the surrounding environment. For those keen on a stand out design, its bold wood grains make it super pretty. Available in solid or engineered planks for additional versatility, our eucalyptus flooring is made with the Fossilized process as well, which ensures a durable floor for years to come.
• Safe for basement application
• 50-year residential warranty
• 13-coat scratch resistant finish
• Ultra-low VOC
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Eucalyptus Flooring in a Kitchen
Engineered Bamboo Flooring in Home Office

Engineered Bamboo Flooring

Just as beautiful, just as sustainable, but instead of being solid bamboo, it has a top beauty layer of Fossilized bamboo over a eucalyptus plywood core. Engineered flooring’s layered construction makes it better suited for extreme climates and trickier, high-moisture rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.
• Safe for basement application
• 13-coat scratch resistant finish
• Ultra-low VOC
• 50-year residential warranty
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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Classic timbers like oak, hickory, and maple give you naturally beautiful flooring but with a more sustainable and stable, layered construction. Two collections offer an array of styles with Meritage featuring extra large planks of European white oak, and Odyssey providing designer colors and grains.
• Classic hardwoods harvested responsibly
• Premium cuts, stains, and colors
• Forest-friendly and Lacey Act certified
• Ultra-low VOC
• 50-year residential warranty
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Engineered Hardwood Maple Kitchen Flooring
Cork Closet Flooring

Cork Flooring

Beautiful, high-performance cork flooring made from 43% recycled content is the perfect option for homeowners looking for style, comfort, and sustainability. The original cork material is harvested from cork oak bark and can be removed without harming the tree or surrounding environment.
• Safe for basement application
• Natural elasticity for a more comfortable floor
• Naturally water resistant and easy to maintain
• Click-lock milling for fast DIY installation
• Ultra-low VOC
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Geowood layers real bamboo and real hardwood on top of a waterproof limestone composite foundation we call GeoCore. The end result is a floor that looks and feels exactly like real hardwood but is more water resistant, clicks together super easily, and is more budget-friendly.
• Waterproof core
• 10-coat scratch resistant finish
• Ultra-low VOC
• Rapid-locking system for DIY installation
• Almost no acclimation required
• 50-year residential warranty
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Geowood Engineered Flooring in Home
Vinyl Flooring in a Bedroom

Vinyl Flooring

Cali Vinyl is our 100% waterproof, super DIY-friendly luxury vinyl plank. This line has two variations Plus and Pro. Cali Vinyl Plus has a built-in cork backing for extra comfort and a little added insulation. Cali Vinyl Pro is backed by that same strengthening GeoCore foundation.
• Commercial grade durability with a 20mil wear layer
• Rapid-locking system for DIY installation
• 50 Year Residential Warranty
• 100% waterproof and easy to clean
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Still have questions about which type of flooring is right for you? Give us a call at 1(888) 788-2254 or comment below!

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