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Do you know your hand scraping from your distressing or does a pillowed edge sound like a comfy place to take a nap? No fear, this distressed hardwood flooring article explains each flooring characteristic and shows several examples of each.

Light Distressed

Light distressing creates a subtle surface texture with knicks and grooves on some areas of every plank.

Heavy Distressed

Heavy distressing creates a pronounced surface texture with nicks and grooves prominent on most areas of every plank.

Hand Scraped

Hand scraping creates a subtle waviness to the plank surface, with varied intensity from plank to plank.

Saw Marks

A saw mark refers to a series of perpendicular grooves running across the entire plank.

Claw Marks

A claw mark refers to a series of darkened notches found on random planks that resembles a scratch from a tiger or bear claw.


Aged refers to the darkening of the pits and grooves of a floor’s grain, with varied intensity from plank to plank.


Streaks refers to dark brushstrokes randomly occurring down the plank.

Pillowed Edge

A pillowed edge refers to the pronounced bevel along a planks edge, emphasizing a plank’s shape and size.

Micro Beveled Edge

A micro-beveled edge refers to the subtle bevel along a planks edge, downplaying a plank’s shape and size.

French Bleed

A French bleed refers to the pronounced darkening of the bevel along a planks edge, emphasizing a plank’s shape and size.

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