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Whether you’re in your dream home now or looking to upgrade down the road, giving your space a facelift can both boost its resale value and give you a fresh outlook for the new year. And what’s better than a home makeover? Aneasy home makeover you can do yourself — while on a budget. What’s even better than that? Building with eco-friendly, sustainable materials like bamboo and cork! Check out these 5 DIY home projects guaranteed to instantly revive your space… and your life.

1. Create Eco Wall Art

Designer Cork Tile is the freshest new way to create  an accent wall. Layers of raw cork bark bring a touch of the outdoors to your design and brighten rooms. If you’re not ready to commit to a full wall of Designer Cork, framing a few tiles above a bed or mantle creates a focal-point that — depending on which style you choose (Sierra, Tundra or Meadow) — can be paired naturally with existing decor.



2. Freshen Your Floor

There’s a reason hardwood floors are always mentioned upfront and center on real estate postings.  They brighten and enrich rooms with their natural beauty and cut down on dust, allergies and upkeep. If you do find yourself with the opportunity to install a new floor (starting even with just one room) challenge yourself to go bold. Unexpected colors like Vintage Pearl may seem non-traditional, but  bring new light and life to a space.




Similarly, if you have some real stand-out pieces of furniture or artwork, darker hues like Antique Java and Coffee make everything pop (even pups!) and lend a richness to the space.



3. Banish Chain Link and Cinder Block Walls with Bamboo

Is there a chain link fence or ugly cinder block wall creating an eyesore in your yard? Bamboo fencing is the easiest thing in the world to apply to existing fences and completely transform outdoor spaces. Check out the how-to video below.



4. Get Decked Out

Perhaps you’d like to move to a bigger house but now is just not the right time. Add square footage to your home while upping your resale value by building a deck. Nothing is better for outdoor entertaining, and with a material as durable and maintenance-free as BamDeck®, once it’s built it’s yours to enjoy forever.



5. Fencing as Interior Decor

Bring the outdoors in! Bamboo fencing is both beautiful and easy to work with, making it so much more than simply an outdoor element. Hundreds of customers have applied it to interior walls and ceilings with striking results. Fencing can also be easily stained or painted to complement your home’s aesthetic.

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