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Cali Bamboo Makes a Splash at Noteworthy Design Conference in Los Angeles 

For several years a handful of key personnel from the Cali Bamboo marketing department have attended the Los Angeles, CA Dwell on Design conference. This year was no exception, as two of our staff made the long trek in grueling LA traffic for the sake of the scintillating visual stimulation and creative inspiration offered by Dwell 2016.

This year’s conference had a heavy focus on modern aesthetics, with designers, architects, and artists from around the nation (and even the world) represented at various booths littered across the expansive LA Convention Center space. A few of those visited by Cali Bamboo include Wayfair, RAD®, Karabachian, KONCEPT, and Jubilee Trees.

One extremely popular display piqued the interest of a large variety of attendees: The stunning (and surprisingly spacious) Tiny Home placed in the center of the auditorium, created by vivacious architect Vina Lustado of SOL HAUS DESIGN.

When our staff went to check out the interior of the home and learn more about the architect, they were surprised to find our very own Natural Fossilized® bamboo flooring inside! The light wood is a perfect complement to a fresh, airy space designed by the bright and cheerful Vina herself. Our favorite thing about the Tiny Home (other than seeing our floors in it): The office space (complete with kitchen, sink, fridge and induction stove) is fully powered by rooftop solar panels — a delightful extension of the eco-friendly mission statement promoted by SOL HAUS DESIGN.

“It’s our mission to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental and economic crisis. We want to encourage others to think bigger by living smaller.” – Vina Lustado of SOL HAUS DESIGN.

You can learn more about this architect, her vision, and her completed projects by visiting

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