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Add a breath of fresh air to your home with Vintage Pearl Fossilized® bamboo flooring, Cali Bamboo’s February product of the month! The signature choice for airy beach homes and eclectic modern interiors, white wood flooring creates a bright, cheery ambiance for your room.

The whitewash color hue of Vintage Pearl allows for bold patterns, prints, and colors to truly shine. As a neutral, it can draw attention to unique architecture, textures and furnishings of a room. Because white wood flooring visually opens up a small space, Vintage Pearl is an excellent choice for small rooms or rooms with limited natural light.

Like a blank canvas, Vintage Pearl can be blended with a variety of styles and decor to achieve any look you desire. Go for a simple, Scandinavian-inspired look by pairing with all white walls. Or, make a bold statement by juxtaposing the flooring with dark features and hardware. Add a splash of green or blue design accents for a clean, calm living environment reminiscent of a beach house.

When considering Vintage Pearl flooring, be sure to keep your environment in mind. White wood flooring will show dirt more easily, requiring a bit more upkeep and more frequent cleaning. However, the flooring is the hardest in the world with a Janka Hardness rating of over 5,500 pounds, so you can rest assured that it will resist scratching or denting from everyday wear and tear.

Simple but elegant, Vintage Pearl Fossilized® bamboo flooring is fresh, charming, and always in season. Request a sample today and see how this flooring can brighten up your space!

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